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Awkward Ep. 1: It ain’t easy being me

July 28th, 2011

It’s here! It’s here! I’ve been waiting months, literally months, for the first episode of Awkward. and it’s finally here. Thankfully, my Christmas-in-the-summer present did not disappoint. In episode one we cover lost virginity (where did I put it?), mean girls, crazy parents, suicide attempts, pep rallies and full arms casts. Seriously, how could this show not be good?

Read the full recap after the jump! Click here to watch the first episode of Awkward.!

Meet Jenna. She’s 15 and is a counselor at summer camp. Awesome, right? Not when no one knows you’re alive. That is until one afternoon, when the most popular boy in school, also a counselor, notices you. Hm. This could be good. Matty invites Jenna into the janitors closet to talk omigawd they’re already having sex! Damn! That didn’t take long.

The whole ordeal is over quickly and Jenna is happy to have Matty as a boyfriend. Oh, except when he tells her that no one can know about them. Wow, he really puts the ‘brutal’ in omigawdthatwasbrutal.

Jenna goes home that day hoping to find some support, but instead receives crap from her mom about her hair. Her mom passes her a letter, which results in an even bigger kick in the junk. An anonymous source has written Jenna a letter giving her a proverbial kick in the butt. Just what she needed today! Not. She takes to her blog to write about her less than stellar day and says that being a teenager can make you want to die.

Jenna goes into the bathroom and after a lot of slips and falls, including a Costco sized box of aspirin, the result is an arm cast and her parents AND the entire school thinking she tried to kill herself. Awesome.

Maybe she’ll get some sympathy? Nope. Instead, Jenna spends all day hiding from people talking behind her back. Even the bathroom isn’t safe from mean head cheerleader Sadie.

To make matters even worse, Jenna sees Matty at school and he totally blows her off. Her best friends Tamara and Ming don’t know about Jenna sleeping with Matty and methinks they wouldn’t believe her even if she told them.

Just when Jenna starts to think her day can’t get any worse she has a visit with the school guidance counselor, Valerie, scheduled. What guidance counselor tells students to call them by their first name? Crazy ones. Valerie thinks Jenna is suicidal and offers little to no advice. But she does borrow Jenna’s lip gloss. Weird.

At lunch there is a pep rally outside to get everyone geared up for the football game. Jenna’s had enough and decides to take the advice given to her in the anonymous letter. She volunteers for the pep challenge and has to switch her clothes with one of the football players. Their team wins and Jenna, for the first time in like, ever, feels cool.

That’s all dashed when she sees Sadie crying with the other cheerleaders. Sadie was on the opposing team and was too embarrassed to switch her clothes with her partner because of her weight. She thinks Jenna chose that challenge on purpose to embarrass Sadie. But when Jenna tries to apologize, Sadie wipes her tears and goes back to super beeotch mode. That was fast.

Jake, who led the pep rally, sees Jenna in the hall and congratulates her on winning the challenge. He seems like the one decent person Jenna has talked to all day. The one decent person who also happens to be dating Sadie’s best friend. This can’t end well.

Still, Jenna is optimistic. She gets home that night and finds that her friend requests online have double to 22 people, include Matty and Jake. I vote for Jake, but we’ll see where this season goes!

Watch a brand new episode of Awkward. every Wednesday night at 8 pm ET only on MuchMusic!

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