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Awkward Ep. 1: Resolutions

June 29th, 2012

Welcome to the second season of Awkward., one of the most hilarious and cringe-inducing shows on MuchMusic. Have you watched the first episode yet? You should because it’s right here. I want to watch every “…yikes” moment with you so saddle up, grab some popcorn, and let’s get awkward, shall we?

The last time we left off our heroine, Jenna Hamilton, had finally picked her man: Jake. Jake was the solid choice, the guy that never faltered, the guy that was always there for her. Jenna left Matty in the dust, the guy who took her V-Card and cashed that in way too fast. Too fast unfortunately for Matty to realize that he wanted Jenna, f’real-f’real. But! That’s not Jenna’s fault and now she can enjoy December break in Jakey-poo bliss baking all the cookies those two desire.

But of course, this is Awkward. and not the ending of some fairy tale, right? So what’s Jenna’s deal? Well, she can’t seem to DTR (define the relationship) yet with Jake online. She’s holding back because of Matty … or is she? She’s a bundle of confusion and has to deal with that and knowing that her mother wrote her that excruciatingly hurtful care-frontation letter of last season. Jenna hasn’t told her mother than she knows yet because I believe she’s a good daughter and doesn’t want to hate her mother so much, but with a letter like that (and a “suicide” attempt making her look like “that girl”) it’s hard not to be hurt.

Obvi, she takes to the blog to flesh out her feelings. But what’s that? She has a reader? She seems so shocked, but Jenna babe, you’re writing your feelings on the Interwebs and that is no public domain.

Suddenly it is New Years Eve and the crew have decided to go to Matty’s for his NYE par-tay. Can you say awkward? Like LITERALLY. Awkward.

Ugh, Sadie is at the party. Of course.

Jenna follows Matty into the garage to talk. Or to get closure. Or something. Matty reveals it: he wants her back. He wants to give it a real go before Jenna and Jake make it online-official. He asks her to meet him by the fridge at midnight (romantic?) and choose him instead. It’s not too late, right? Unfortunately, Jenna has fifteen minutes to make one of the biggest decisions of her life (BTW: we’re still only on episode one folks, so when I said saddle up I meant it).

Ricky Schwartz Lives! And by lives I mean, his “relationship” with Tamara lives. However, maybe not for long?

That’s right.

Counsellor Valerie and her Best Girl (Jenna, obvi, but totes inappropriate) have a discussion about boys and pasts and it magically all makes sense with Jenna on whom she should spend her New Years Eve kiss with.

Jenna is #TeamJake right now. They say the way you spend your New Years is how you spend the rest of the year. Does this mean Season 2 will be the Season of Jake?

Woah, woah woah! No…! Do not step into the Sadie light! Though, I have to say, Sadie has some good lines. “Did she diss you again for Vanilla Wafer?”

Ahhh… too late. They kissed. And almost went farther. Thank goodness Matty fell drunk-asleep.

I’d call this “f’realf’real”. Definitely online official.

And since Jenna is declaring that honesty is the best policy, she informs her mother that she knows.

What will Jenna’s mom say? Is the Jenna and Matty (henceforth known as Jetty) thing done? Or are we Jakna full steam ahead? … Yeah I’ll use this week to think of a better shipper name. Send me your thoughts in the comments section below! And if you’re real cool, watch Resolutions again.

Next week: uh-oh! Jenna’s Jetty past might come back to haunt her via security cam! Yikes. Keep it locked on Awkward. on Thursdays at 10:30 pm ET/ 7:30 pm PT at MuchMusic and online at!


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