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Awkward. Ep. 11: Once Upon a Blog

September 14th, 2012

Have you guys ever seen The Butterfly Effect? More than just another sucky Ashton Kutcher movie, the idea is simple: Ashton’s character can go into the past to change the future. And in the same vein Jenna, through her blog, decides to take a trip into the past and see if she can have a do-over and see where she went wrong to help her choose between Matty and Jake. Did you watch last night’s Awkward.? If not, you can watch it here. Ready for the recap of the recap? So meta.

Jenna in her first foray into going into the past, she re-imagines the #teammatty and #teamjake dilemma and she recasts herself as Bella. As in Bella from Twilight.

#teamjake/#teamjacob versus #teammatty/#teamedward?

In Jenna’s Matty do-over, she halts Matty before getting deflowered in the camp’s janitor closet and demands that she gets asked out instead. And because of this move Matty includes her into his crew… making her popular. And then she becomes a bigger B than the O.G. B herself, Miss Blair Waldorf.

In this reality, Matty comes to hate Jenna for her dip into the mean girl pool and decides Ming is where it is at.

Shuddering from the thought, Jenna then does a do-over with Jake and does him. A lot. And she realizes that she would have probably gotten so wrapped up in their relationship (and Jake would have been driven back to Lissa), that she becomes a smother-er. Big time.

And instead of Jake getting rebuffed on the whole “I love you”, Jenna does.

And guess who ends up preggers Juno-style?

In the do-over where Jenna picks neither she imagines that the boys find love … with each other.

After realizing that her experiences were all for something (and better or for worse she’s exactly where she should be) Jenna realizes who she’s supposed to end up with.

And obvi, we’re going to have to wait until the Awkward. season finale next Thursday at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT right here on MUCH.

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