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Awkward. Ep. 12: The Other Shoe

September 21st, 2012

#TeamMatty or #TeamJake? That was the question all season long and now here we are at the season finale and Jenna has made her pick. Did you watch The Other Shoe last night? If not, you can do it here. Ah! I’m too excited. Let’s get right into it.

We enter the episode in media res and we’re at a party and everyone is here. They’re playing Spin the Bottle and obvi, Jenna spins and it lands right in between Jake and Matty. Somehow she ends up in the closet with Matty and they have an ‘awkward’ few minutes when Jake busts in and tells them that it’s okay, he knows she made her decision. Matty and Jenna then make use of their last few minutes in heaven and we realize that she picked Matty.

Yep. Full-on. And they DTR’ed.

Everything seems to be great in Jenna’s world – except Jenna is certain something is going to go awry. What happened to the optimistic Jenna of yester-season? Tamara tries to convince Jenna that going on the sophomore trip to Europe over the summer is a great idea but Jenna wants to stay on this side of the Atlantic Ocean to hang with her newly minted boyfriend. And it turns out Tamara isn’t the only one who wants Jenna on the trip, Val tried to convince Jenna’s parents that a trip to Europe would be just the thing for the blossoming woman.

And Jenna’s parents agree, surprising Jenna with a “YES!” to the trip.

But Jenna wants to stay with Matty and goes to her mom for advice. Obvi, her mom tells her to go to Europe.

If Jenna has to go to Europe, she’s gonna try to get Matty to go with. So at a Europe-themed party, Jenna throws the European enticement on thick for McKibben. Jenna’s girls also have missions. Ming wants to get laid by Fred and Tamara wants to find love. Sadie also happens to be dealing with a potentially cheating Ricky and Lissa wants a sought-after Jake back.

Jenna might not have persuaded Matty to go to Europe with her, Ming might have lost Fred (we shake our fists at you Becky!), Lissa might have lost Jake, and Ricky might have gone rogue on Sadie… but Tamara might have found love with Jake. O. M. G.

Clark and Jenna talk briefly about getting what one wants and going with the flow. And it turns out that Clark is Anonymous, the guy behind the comments on her blog.

It also turns out that Clark got what he wanted too: Ricky. Is your mind blown!?

By the end of the night, Jenna gives her spot on the closed trip to Europe to Tamara so she can have her European adventure and Jenna can have Matty for the “best summer ever”. But it leaves her wondering – she got want she wanted but is it what she needs?

And that’s it! Way to leave us on a cliffhanger, Awkward.! Now we’re going to have to wait months until the next episode! What did you guys think of the finale? Sound off in the comments section below.

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