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Awkward Ep. 3: Hot Tub Popularity Machine

August 10th, 2011

Matty and Jenna have been connected at the privates for almost three weeks, but Matty is still keeping her, you know, private. Jenna is ecstatic, which makes me concerned about her self esteem. But she does want more intimacy. Jenna and Matty know all about each other’s bodies, but nothing about each other. After a romp in Jenna’s playhouse (I didn’t mean for that to sound dirty, but it still works) Matty invites Jenna to come to a party with him on the weekend. K, maybe not ‘with’ him, but to attend a party that he’s also going to be attending.

Tamara is stoked for Jenna that Matty invited her to Lissa’s party and asks to tag along. Then we learned the term TIA from Tamara, which stands for This Is Awkward. Loves it! Sadie is also excited about Lissa’s party, moreso because she plans on hooking up with Matty at the shindig.

Lissa is excited that she and Jake are celebrating their three month anniversary at the party and Sadie tells her bestie that she needs to sleep with Jake or he’ll break up with her. Sadie tells Lissa this while Lissa is standing in front of the Abstinence Club banner, which she is the president of. Mmmkay.

Jenna shows Tamara the letter and Tamara thinks it’s from Sadie. Not a bad idea, but I think the letter is too constructive to be from Sadie. Jenna’s mom drops Jenna and Tamara with beer and advice on how to not get too drunk. Mother of the year! The girls are hoping they’ll just blend into the huge crowd, but when they get to Lissa’s backyard there is no where and no one to hide behind.

Giant shocker, Sadie yells in front of everyone that Jenna wasn’t invited. Thankfully, Matty mans up and says that he invited Jenna to the party.

That was about the only nice thing Matty did at the party. He’s totally ignoring Jenna, so she has found a quiet corner and a big bowl of chips. Jenna and Jake talk and he tells her that he’s stressed about the anniversary. Lissa sees them talking and attacks his face with her mouth. Hot.

Worried again that she’s losing Jake, Sadie tells Lissa that there is a loop hole (interesting choice of words) for the abstinence thing. Lissa calls everyone to the hot tub. She wants to lure Jake to her room to engage in God’s blind spot. She throws herself at Jake and offers her b-hymen, which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, and then passes out.

Tamara is trying to get Jenna into the hot tub so that she and Matty can make out in front of everyone and show that they’re a couple. Instead, Jenna sees Matty making out with another girl.

Sitting on the porch, Jake runs out, well more like he runs away, from Lissa and her party. He offers Jenna a ride home and even tells her about the b-hymen. Amazing. They spend the rest of the night talking and thankfully Jenna ignores a text from Matty asking where she went.

Could Jenna become more than friends with Jake? My fingers are crossed.

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