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Awkward Ep. 4: DTR

August 22nd, 2011

It’s homecoming week and apparently that means a bonfire and naked high school boys. Alright then. Tamara tells Ming about Jenna and Matty and Jenna swears that she won’t hook up with Matty again until they DTR – Define The Relationship.

Find out what happened on this week’s episode of Awkward. after the jump!

Everyone that was in the hot tub making out at Lissa’s party has pink eye, including Tamara, who is thrilled. Jenna decides that if Matty has pink eye it means he hooked up with more than one girl and she’ll have to have the DTR talk with him.

It’s time for Jenna’s meeting with the school counselor Valerie and Jenna tries to get her advice on DTR. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, Valerie thinks DTR means something very different.

Jenna decides that she needs to talk to Matty before any other girl can scoop him up, but before she can find him Jake finds her and tells Jenna that he had a great time with her after they left Lissa’s party. Unfortunately, Jenna blows him off to find the guy that makes out with other girls. Grrrr to you, Jenna.

Jenna’s parents drive her to the bonfire, but she won’t let them hang out with her. Instead, they decide to sit in the van and get high. I think this may be the same way Jenna was conceived.

Ming manages to break free from the jail that is her home, but Jenna is more interested in talking to Matty. Ming is upset that Jenna didn’t tell her about Matty and didn’t invite her to the bonfire. Before she even has time to enjoy her freedom, Ming’s mom shows up and drags her home.

Tamara finally gets her revenge on Sadie by turning a hose on her in front of the school and showing that Sadie used make up to look like she had pink eye like all the other cool kids. GO Tamara! This is soooo gonna result in a harsh payback from Sadie, but I think it’s worth the pain.

When a rival school shows up and use the hose to soak the school, Matty grabs Jenna and heroically saves her. Then he makes out with her behind a dumpster. Chivalry is dead. The fumes from the garbage seem to help Jenna muster up the courage to ask Matty to DTR. He tells her that he really likes her, but isn’t ready for a relationship. Crushed, Jenna agrees that she likes just ‘hanging out’. Lies.

At home Jenna realizes how much she’s hurt Ming and calls her friend. The two make up and Jenna finally admits out loud that she’s not okay with sleeping with Matty without being his girlfriend. Good for her! Now if she could just physically stop sleeping with him we’d be all good.

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