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Awkward Ep. 5: Jenna Plus

August 31st, 2011

Jenna’s mom wants her to be bold in her fashion choices and that includes free-boobin and fake glasses. To add insult to her already crappy morning, Jenna sees Matty get out of a car with a supa hot brunette.

To make matters worse, Jenna sees a kid wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Jenna Lives.’ Jenna like her-Jenna? Wha? It seems to be in reference to Jenna’s ‘suicide’ attempt, a super embarrassing misunderstanding that Jenna would like everyone to forget.

Tamara is trying to get Jenna to stop worrying about the brunette, but the girls keep seeing Matty with the random every time they turn around. The girls realize that the brunette looks a lot like Jenna, only better, thus giving her the name ‘Jenna Plus’.

Jenna finally confronts t-shirt wearing guy (who is apparently named Kyle) and he says that Jenna Lives is his band. Weird.

Jenna thinks that Kyle is stalking her and for some reason she thinks telling Valerie about this will help. When has telling Valerie anything ever helped? I believe…never. Valerie thinks Kyle is just trying to be Jenna’s friend, but Jenna doesn’t want people to be reminded that she tried to kill herself…even though she didn’t.

Jenna decides to hit the subject head-on and tell Matty she never tried to kill herself. Wow, didn’t think this could get more awkward. In the span of their one minute conversation Jenna a) sees more people wearing her t shirt and b) sees Matty bring Jenna Plus a sandwich. He obviously loves her.

Finally, Jenna has a showdown in the hall with Kyle and essentially strips him in front of the school. Subtle.

Valerie stops Jenna from further assaulting Kyle and has to give her detention. Jake and Jenna Plus are also in detention. The Breakfast Club, I mean, the other kids in detention all head to a restaurant until Valerie returns from her nap to check on them.

Jenna and the Jenna Plus talk and Jenna tries to decipher whether the guy Jenna Plus is talking about is Matty or not.

Jenna talks to Jake about her situation with Matty and I’m thinking that Jake thinks she’s talking about him. Roh row. How does she not see this?

Jake tells Jenna that he’s sure that if this ‘guy’ didn’t have a girlfriend he’d be all over Jenna. Then they hug. How does she not get this? Oh wait, then they kiss! Like, really kiss!

The next day Jenna finally apologizes to Kyle and even buys a shirt to support his band.

Then Kyle opens his locker and we find out that in fact he is obsessed with Jenna. OBSESSED.

Olivia (Jenna Plus’ real name, though I like Jenna Plus more) invites Jenna to sit with her at lunch. Right on cue Matty sits down. I love an awkward triangle. It’s my favourite shape. Just when I start to get out my sad violin when we find out that the guy Olivia has been dating is Matty’s brother. Ohhhhhh! I totally thought Matty was being shady as per usual. My bad. Actually, his bad for having a history of shadiness.

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