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Awkward Ep. 6: Knick Knackers Unite

September 6th, 2011

It’s Saturday, which usually means Jenna is Sadie-free. But not this weekend! Jenna’s mom wants to join the Knick Knackers, one of the most poorly named charities ever. Thankfully, Tamara and her mom, who are essentially one person, are also pledging.

Unfortunately, Sadie’s mom is the president and the meeting is on her turf. Literally, it’s at her house and I’m her grass is all astro-turf. Homeslice got some mon-ay.

Just when Jenna doesn’t think that trying to become a Knick Knacker could be any worse, she runs, literally runs, into Matty. Well this isn’t so bad! Matty is working as a server and guess who else is at the party in a white shirt and black tie? That would be Jake. Wow! There is no escaping uncomfortable run-ins this weekend!

Sadie’s mom finds Jenna admiring her artwork and the two kinda bond. Can evil spawn be born from non-evil parents? Guess they would be evil spawn then, just evil?

Jenna’s mom ends up talking to Sadie, not knowing that she is the same girl trying to ruin Jenna’s life. Sadie tells Mrs. Hamilton that she thinks there is something seriously wrong with Jenna. There is something indeed wrong with Jenna, but I just think that because she hasn’t done a flying kick in Sadie’s direction yet. Not that I’m promoting violence! Just sayin, if she starts kicking and Sadie walks in front of her that is totally not Jenna’s fault.

Jenna tells Tamara that she’s worried Jake will tell Matty that he kissed Jenna, but Tamara tells her not to worry since boys don’t talk about that stuff. Apparently they do, because Jake tells Matty about his Hamilton lip lock. Matty starts to freak out and so he should! That’s what happens when you ‘secretly’ date someone for absolutely no reason.

Tamara and Jenna sneak up to Sadie’s room and Tamara finds Sadie’s diary and hides it in Jenna’s skirt.

When Jenna gets home she opens the diary and finds that it’s really Sadie’s food journal. She has all the ammunition she needs to humiliate Sadie, but Jenna doesn’t think she can pull the trigger.

Ming and Tamara try to convince Jenna to use the diary to blackmail Sadie, but Jenna decides to get a third opinion and talk to Valerie.

Valerie thinks that Jenna should do anything she can to bring Sadie down, as long as it’s not on school property. I guess Valerie has good advice sometimes.

In the bathroom that day Sadie sees Jenna’s purse under the stall and decides to mess with her by loudly telling Lissa that the next Knick Knackers event is formal.

Excited to help her mom, Jenna and Mrs. Hamilton arrive to a soup kitchen in prom dresses. Roh row.

Pushed the to edge, Jenna finally decides that it’s time to use the diary and blackmail Sadie. It works and Jenna and her mom are invited to join the Knick Knackers.

Matty and Jake are there again working the silverware and when Jake decides that it’s time to text Jenna to meet and talk about their kiss, Matty realizes his relationship with Jenna is at stake and also texts her. Jenna agrees to meet Jake later and ignores Matty. Finally! Nice backbone, lady!

Thankfully, it looks like this will be the last Knick Knacker party Jenna will have to endure after her mother hears the other women, including Sadie’s mom (evil spawn) badmouthing the Hamilton’s. Harsh, but those ladies are whack anyways.

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