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Awkward Ep. 7: Dead Jenna

September 13th, 2011

Dead Stacey, public hugging and a bloody confession of love! Oh yea, and Tamara and Jenna make out. Find out what happened on Episode 7 of Awkward. after the jump!

It’s Drunk Driving Awareness Day and Valerie is on stage to remind the student body not to drink and drive. Every year the school puts on a play about the dangers of drunk driving and each play ends with two high school students dying. Dead Stacey is the coveted lead female role and guess who is cast for this year’s play?

Finally fed up with being treated like a secret, Jenna has been playing hard to get with Matty. Unfortunately now that she has the role of Dead Stacey all eyes will be on her and all brains will be remembering that the girl playing Dead Stacey already tried to kill herself this year.

Before Jenna can tell Valerie that she won’t play Dead Stacey, Jake finds Jenna in the hallway. Jake has been cast as Jenna’s dead boyfriend and wants to stop Jenna from quitting so that they can hang out. Jenna reminds him that people already think she tried to kill herself, but apparently playing Dead Stacey is bigger than prom queen and Jake begs her to stay on.

Jenna tells Valerie that she wants to quit, but Valerie cast Jenna because she’s already on thin ice for giving out questionable (to put it nicely) advice to students and needs Jenna to nail the part. Jenna lies and tells Valerie that her parents won’t let her do the play because it brings up memories of her suicide attempt (that never actually happened).

Not one to back down, take a hint, act normal, etc. Valerie shows up at the Hamilton’s house that night to ask them to allow Jenna to play Dead Stacey. Apparently Jenna’s mom played Dead Stacey when she was in high school and the two couldn’t be more thrilled that Jenna is in the play. That plan got a big old FailWhale tweet.

Jenna finally gets some good news that day when she receives a late night text from Matty inviting her over (I’d call this a booty call, but it’s all they do so it’s kinda a date?). Jenna decides that she needs some fun and calls a time out on the silent treatment to make out with Matty.

Unfortunately they’re interrupted by Matty’s very drunk and somewhat inappropriate brother. Matty gets visibly upset and asks Jenna to leave before introducing her to his bro. Jenna is offended, but I’m pretty sure Matty is embarrassed by his bro and wanted to get Jenna out of there before things got weirder.

Tamara, like all the girls in school, was disappointed not to get the part of Dead Stacey. Jenna comes up with a plan to get Tamara in the play and Jenna out of looking dead.

Jenna and Jake meet with Valeria and Jenna tells her that she’ll agree to be in the play if she can make a few changes. Jake vouches that Jenna’s ideas are great, so Valerie goes along with the plan.

Jenna tells Matty that he needs to decide what he wants because she’s tired of being his secret. About dang-nabbit time.

Right before the play begins Jenna and Jake are backstage. Jake decides that this is the appropriate time to tell Jenna that he has feelings for her. Before she can think of a witty response, the curtains up and Jenna is Dead Stacey.

Jenna and Tamara stick to the new script and instead of Jenna’s character dying, Stacey is revived by a make out sesh with Tamara. Seems like a bit of a medical mystery, but whatever works!

Everyone loves the play and Jenna has successfully saved Valerie’s job by making a terrible play even…terribler. Matty loves the play so much that he hugs Jenna – in public! So, Jake or Matty? Matty or Jake?


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