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Back from the dead and more musical inspirations from Orphan Black 204

May 12th, 2014

OB Playlist Episode 4

This week’s episode of Orphan Black included an awful lot of people coming back from the dead and back from the past. With every moment full of terrifying turns, we put together a playlist inspired by Episode 204 – Governed As It Were By Chance.

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Secret, Madonna

Sure, Sarah is keeping her whole “I’m a clone and people want to perform experiments on me” thing a secret from Cal, but does anyone else get the feeling that he has some secrets of his own?

Back From The Dead, Skylar Grey

From Daniel to Helena, the people Sarah tries to kill have a funny way of coming back from the dead. Or she’s just terrible at checking for a pulse.

Angels, Sarah McLachlan

Kira may only be eight, but she’s seen enough happen in her few years to know that what her mother is involved in is some scary stuff. Thankfully, her new dad Cal shows her how to make a guardian angel to watch over Sarah. Well, it’s actually a butterfly, but let’s go with guardian angel.

Drunk, Ed Sheeran

After literally hitting bottom, in this case, the bottom of the stage, Alison wakes up with a broken arm and a body reacting to detox while in Rehab. The line “Maybe I’ll get drunk again/ To feel a little love” really hits home when Donnie visits Alison. Though her husband is supposed to love and support her, instead he’s there as her reluctant monitor, reminding the audience of one a big reason for Alison’s loneliness.

Partition, Beyoncé

Dang Mrs. S! Apparently Siobhan doesn’t need the partition raised before reuniting with an old friend.


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