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Backstreet Boys are worried about Lady Gaga

April 15th, 2010


The Backstreet Boys say they had to learn the hard way that living an over-the-top lifestyle can leave you broke when your career slows down. BSB were recently on tour in New Zealand at the same time as Lady Gaga’s tour and the guys found out that the pop phenomenon’s spending matched her larger than life persona.

Says BSB member Brian Littrell, “Our production manager was talking to her production manager and we found out that she had, like, three 747s (private planes) flying around with her. I just wanted to tell her that she needs to make, like, a dime or maybe 20 cents after the tour is over with – because when you overbudget yourself, you get home and you’re like, ‘Yeah, the tour was great, but I’m broke!'”

Not saving money while your career is at its peak means that you could find yourself as one of the biggest artists in music history and broke. This time around the Backstreet Boys put band member and financial whiz Howie Dorough in charge of their money, ensuring the group members stay on budget and have a paycheque to come home to at the end of their tour.

While in the past I have found a lot of things the Backstreet Boys have done questionable – dating Paris Hilton, creating creepy alter ego’s, really, really bad hair – I think the guys are onto something. How many MC Hammer’s and Vanilla Ice’s do we have to see lose everything before artists spend more carefully? Although I think Lady Gaga is extremely smart and most likely handles her money well, three private planes is excessive…I don’t care how many costume you have to travel with.

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