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Because Much Brings People Together: Read This Amazing Craigslist Missed Connection

August 8th, 2014


Much is a magical place, or so we’d like to think so. We’ve brought you closer to some of the world’s biggest artists, but we’ve also brought artists closer to each other and, yes, we’ve even brought you fans closer together.

Case in point, this wonderful Craigslist Missed Connection that was brought to our attention recently. In the post, a guy retells his story of what appears to be an amazing trip to Toronto (any trip that includes Much is amazing, amirite?) that includes meeting two girls at MOD back in 2004. Why it took this guy so long to post this, who knows. What matters is that he’s trying now!

He specifically details his trip to the Much HQ where he and the two girls he met got to see Good Charlotte. We dug out some photos from that day to help (ARE YOU IN THIS PICTURE?):


From there, the three went to 102.1 The Edge and then a Jimmy Eat World and Plain White Ts concert at the Mod Club. Read his entire Missed Connection post below. (Read the original post here)

It was September 2004 and I was on vacation in Toronto. I had just turned 18, and I think you (Amy and Laura) were both 17. I think both of you were white; one of you had blonde hair; the other, black hair. I remember you both had a punk-ish style at the time.

We met at MuchMusic the day Good Charlotte were guests on MuchOnDemand. I was wearing a black Much t-shirt. I had a wristband I got a few weeks in advance since I knew I’d be on vacation in Toronto, but you guys were there because you were fans of Good Charlotte and wanted to see them. I think we started talking and got to know each other while we were in line for MOD and sat together during the show.

Jimmy Eat World were also guests on MOD that day. We split from MuchMusic but arranged to meet back at The Edge radio station downtown, where GC would be doing a meet and greet. When we got there, they gave us free tickets to the Jimmy Eat World / Plain White Ts show that night at the Mod Club, which totally surprised us and was, obviously, awesome.

We hopped in a taxi from the radio station. I remember there you told me you were excited to make new like-minded friends that day because most other people at your school didn’t understand you! haha (I felt exactly the same way). We got to the Mod Club and danced in some sort of party truck outside of the theatre. We then spent some time inside watching the show and eventually left because you guys had to catch the train back to Mississauga. You left the cab at the train station and I went back downtown.

This is something that has kinda bothered me whenever it came to mind over the past decade. We all have smartphones and Facebook now to keep in touch with anybody we meet, but back in 2004, I didn’t even have a cell phone! So we lost touch after we met. And at the time, 10 years ago, you were both REALLY cool and way more kind to me than most people ever were. I thought that if I lived around Toronto, we would’ve become good friends.

Will you ever see this? Probably not. Are you two even still friends? Who knows. But in the miracle chance either of you come across this and remember me, reply to say hey and tell me something you remember about that night!

Unfortunately, we can’t help (many Amys and Lauras have come by), but perhaps you can share this wonderful story and help this guy track down his long lost pals. After all, we brought them together once so let’s try and bring them together again! We will even bring Good Charlotte back to facilitate this reunion! Okay, maybe not that last part but hey, we can definitely try.

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