Best Bad Girl Makeovers

February 4th, 2014


On tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi, airing at 9E/6P on MUCH and MTV, Maya decides that the best way to fit into her new remedial class is to ‘become a bad girl’. We really don’t see this going anywhere good, but we also don’t think Maya will stay a bad girl for long. I mean, her heart is in cello music. Do you know how much longer it would take to get to a gang meeting if you’re lugging a cello? And those things always start on time, you can’t be late!

In honour of Maya’s transformation on tonight’s Degrassi we’re taking a look at ladies who went bad, but then went back to good.

Cady Heron - Mean Girls

Moving from Africa to the US can be quite a culture shock, but I don’t think any climate can prepare a person for Regina George. While Cady went full throttle into Mean Girl mode, she managed to redeem herself by prom.


Marissa Cooper – The OC

Between catching her boyfriend Luke cheating on her, watching her dad lose all the family money, standing by while her parents divorced and almost killing her new boyfriend’s brother, Marissa Cooper went through a pretty rough patch. But can we blame her?


Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

For the girl who only ever had two things on her mind – Yale and coffee – we couldn’t believe it when Rory was arrested for stealing a boat with her millionaire boyfriend Logan. Fast forward to a season of community service and avoiding her mother and Gilmore Girls got a shake up that no one ever saw coming. Thankfully, Rory eventually found her way out of the D.A.R. and back to school and Lorelai.


Jenna Hamilton – Awkward.

Jenna had one spiral after another this season when she first cheated on her boyfriend Matty with the new guy Colin, eventually breaking up with Matty to date said new guy. Hanging out with Colin led to drug busts, telling her besties to ‘take care’, fighting with her parents, and the eventual hitting of rock bottom. Thankfully, Jenna and her braid were back to their senses by the time prom came around. Everything is fixed at prom.


Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons

In Season Three’s Separate Vocations, an aptitude test shows that Lisa is best suited for a future as a homemaker. Feeling like her scholastic endeavors are a waste, the straight A Lisa makes a foray into the bad girls club, complete with graffiti and cigarettes.

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Claire Standish – The Breakfast Club

She started the morning out as the rich girl who was late to class too many times, but after a day in detention, Molly Ringwald’s Clare had fallen for bad boy Bender and gifted him with a diamond earring. We always wondered what happened that Monday.


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