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Beyonce runs the world (and the Mrs. Carter tour) in Toronto

July 22nd, 2013


Who run the world? Girls! But, more specifically, Beyonce. And, if the Sunday crowd at the Air Canada Centre was any indication, the pop star’s persuasion has most definitely built a nation of devoted fans ready to bow down at the feet of one of the world’s biggest stars.

Bringing her Mrs. Carter Tour to the city, Beyonce’s meticulously programmed show, a two-hour extravaganza of greatest hits and more, is more than enough proof that the powerhouse performer is running her own show and everything around her. From the video interludes to the tightly choreographed sequences, it’s clear that everything was planned to a tee that, instead of dragging the show into predictability and stiffness, resulted in explosive entertainment.

The singer straddles a fine line between being a fun pop star and a serious leader in a feminist pop movement, encouraging her female fans to step up and become leaders. Sure, she can sing about being dangerously in love and partying around, but that doesn’t limit her from singing about being an strong, independent woman. Beyonce sings about both and it’s just one of the million reasons why we look up to her.

Backed by an all-female band and dance troupe, save for two male dancers, a Beyonce show shines the spotlight on women and celebrates their talents, hers included. Powering through a set list of songs from her catalogue, and new ones from her upcoming record, the show was packed from beginning to end with stunning acts and even more stunningly produced segments that, together, made for one of the best, most put-together shows we’ve ever seen.

Pop stars straddle a fine line between too controlled and too reckless. Stars who appear to be too packaged are often criticized for being boring, robotic or lacking genuine personality, whereas the other end draws attention away from the artist’s music, often being portrayed as loose canons who don’t have their act together. Beyonce belongs on neither side of the spectrum.

Having crafted an well-controlled image and sound on her own, or at least with a hand in almost everything she has put out, Beyonce is a rarity in the world of pop music. Fans feel connected to her, having seen enough of her personality through the media or her documentaries and music videos without feeling like her personal life (mostly her high-profile relationship with husband Jay Z) is overshadowing her strong musical work. She is a feminist hero who unabashedly sings about love, she is our homegirl and our idol, Beyonce is the ideal pop icon everyone should look to as an example.

And a great place to worship said idol would be at her live shows. It’s an empowering experience every woman needs to go through in order to appreciate pop music and female empowerment. Alternatively, just go home and put all her records on repeat. Either way, Beyonce needs to be on everyone’s playlists because she is hands down one of the most important pop stars of our time.

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