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Beyoncé’s songs sound even more flawless as dramatic monologues

July 22nd, 2014


By now we all know that Beyoncé is one of the great poets of our time. I’m sure Kanye West would humbly disagree, but who else could come up with lyrics as profound as, “He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown”? Nevermind that this particular lyric doesn’t actually make sense, it’s still BRILLIANT.

But just when you thought Beyoncé songs couldn’t get any more awesome, actress Nina Millin has re-imagined some of Bey’s most iconic lyrics as dramatic, Shakespeare-esque monologues.  And the results are off-the-charts amazing. She calls them – what else? – “The Beyoncélogues”.

So how does someone come up with an idea like this? According to Nina, “It all started when I tried to sing Beyoncé at karaoke, and just couldn’t do it.” But she still wanted to experience all the delicious (and often hilarious) drama of Beyoncé’s lyrics, and that’s when she decided to tap into her inner Shakespearean. The rest, as they say, is comedic history.

Check out Nina’s dramatic reinterpretations of Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable, If I Were A Boy, and Single Ladies (my personal fave). If you didn’t know it before, you’ll definitely understand after just how powerful Beyoncé’s lyrics truly are.

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