Big Jingle Kik Correspondent experience: Day One

December 7th, 2012

In the days leading up to The Big Jingle airing Wednesday December 12 at 9E/6P we’ll be giving you exclusive behind the scenes coverage thanks to our Big Jingle Kik Correspondent, Denique LeBlanc! Here’s his day one experience:

When I woke up, I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming… I opened the window curtains and there it was; the city of Toronto. I finally made it! We walked in the cold to the MuchMusic headquarters and met up with some of the digital team members. They were so fab!

After getting a tour of Much, I was thrown into a room with the VJs to rehearse my lines for The Wanted introduction. It was very unplanned but let’s be honest, that’s what I am all about. And hey, I’ve always wanted to be a TV personality so you have to start somewhere, right?

After the quick rehearsal, I was lucky enough to film a live hit in the NML studio with VJ 2.0 winner Liz Trinnear, talking about The Big Jingle 2012. With festive spirits, Liz and I worked those camera angles and had a blast!

Finally, I got the chance to take some rad photos and learn what truly goes on behind the scenes of MuchMusic… what else could someone want for Christmas?

Keep watching our Big Jingle site for more reports from our Kik Correspondent! And don’t miss a second of The Big Jingle airing Wednesday December 12 at 9E/6P.

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  • @martini084 Thanks!! We're only as young as we feel, right!?

  • @dinealonemusic Everybody's guessing #1...what's your guess for #100?

  • RT @dinealonemusic: In celebration of #Much30 our friends at @MUCH are counting down the Top 100 Music VIdeos Ever! Tune in today at 11AM E…

  • @TheJeremyFisher Aw, shucks. We're big fans of yours too! When it comes to stop-motion, puppets and bicycle tours, nobody beats Mr. Fisher.

  • RT @TheJeremyFisher: Grew up obsessed with @much and was star struck when @donlon signed my 1st record deal. Happy 30th to the nation's mus…

  • Celebrate ’30 Years of @Much‘ at 9E/6P & RT for a chance to win one of these limited edition posters: #ForeverYoung

  • @RealTeenRescuer BDAY TWINZZZ

  • @TheFamousLM Just one? ;)

  • Our actual b-day is tomorrow, but today is our gift to you...the '100 Greatest Videos Ever' countdown starts at 11AM ET! 🎉🎶🎈🎁

  • RT @rebecca_ms815: @Much because of you I got to give a plaque on stage to my favourite band! #BestDayEver #ThankYou #JonasBrothers http://…

  • @Gentle_atheist 1/2 of our schedule is still music.

  • RT @TaylorMcCarthy8: @Much going to see @onedirection in 2012. I was knocking on one if the windows with others and Harry looked over at us…

  • @FearlesslyJulii You just might be in the "30 Years of Much" special tomorrow 9E/6P...hint hint.

  • RT @FearlesslyJulii: @Much when you made my ultimate dream come true of meeting Taylor Swift. Easily the best day of my life.…

  • @JuliaMXx SO many Much employees also have VHS copies of their favourite I&I specials. Even though we don't have VCRs anymore.


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