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Black Is The New Wolf

March 7th, 2008


Remember a while back (2006?) when I blogged about the extreme popularity of “wolf” bands? Wolf Parade, AIDS Wolf, Wolf Eyes, We Are Wolves, Guitar Wolf, Wolfmother, Patrick Wolf (ha)…

It seems that “black” is new “wolf”. I was listening to (and loving) The Black Ghosts (who I’ll talk about in a sec) when I noticed that the “B” section of my iPod was TEEMING with new-ish “black” bands (I’m not even counting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Flag or Black Eyed Peas here). Holy confusion.

A quick rundown:

The Black Angels – a Texan “psychedelic rock band” likened to “Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized mastermind Jason Pierce”, The Warlocks and Black Mountain.

Black Kids – hot newcomer indie rockers from Jacksonville, Florida most famous for their song I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You. Debut album expected in July 2008.

Black Mountain – Vancouver, BC indie-rock band who’ve opened for Coldplay in the past and just released their second album, In The Future, to strong reviews.

The Black Keys – blues-rock duo from Akron, Ohio who’ve had their songs featured on the soundtrack for School Of Rock and Black Snake Moan as well as in Sony Ericsson, American Express, Lee’s Jean’s and Victoria’s Secret commercials, plus episodes of The O.C. and Friday Night Lights. Phew. With this much Hollywood exposure, it’s no wonder they count many celeb rockers and acting glitterati among their fans.

Black Lips – a self-described “flower punk” band from Atlanta, Georgia that’s been kickin’ around since 2000. Notorious for having crazy live shows that include nudity, band members kissing, fireworks, the expelling of various bodily fluids and a chicken.

The Black Ghosts – now here’s the band that I really wanna talk about. This whole thing started when I was sorting iTunes by song rating, and I noticed that I had five songs by The Black Ghosts rated 5/5. I re-listened and fell in love – hard – all over again. These London, UK natives haven’t even released an album yet but their songs and EP are making the rounds online like madness. You’ve probably already heard Any Way You Choose To Give It, a banger of a dance track. The other songs that I have are Am I Too Late?, It’s Your Touch, Full Moon and The Consequence Think Hot Chip, Phoenix, The Rapture. They’re different from song to song, but always, always great. There’s a cool video for Any Way You Choose To Give It right here. And here’s a link to all the singles they’ve released.

MySpace: The Black Angels
MySpace: The Black Ghosts
MySpace: The Black Keys
MySpace: Black Kids
MySpace: Black Lips
MySpace: Black Bunny
MySpace: Black Mountain

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