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Blame It On The…

February 26th, 2009


Ron Howard (of all people!) appears in which new music video?!

click to find out!!

He’s in Jamie Foxx’s new video “Blame It”! Whaaaaaaat?! Not only Ron Howard (whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!) but Quincy Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Jackson and Forest Whitaker? All wrapped up into one club track video directed by Hype Williams. I am SO CONFUSED. Is this Jamie Foxx being like, “look – I can still put out banger, but I only roll with Oscar types.” So funny. But in the end, actually boring.

This is my official theme song to Cancun last week. I heard it EV-ER-Y-WHERE. I thought it was a T-Pain track, but when I came home I found out it was Jamie Foxx (featuring T-Pain). It will forever remind me of drunk co-eds humping each other on a stage by the pool. Ahhh, spring break.

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