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B.o.B. and Bella Swan?

May 18th, 2010


Last week the line up for the Eclipse soundtrack was released and of course, it looks fan-friggen-tastic. The soundtrack’s for Twilight and New Moon were both chalk full of music from amazing artists like Muse, Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Skulls, and Anya Marina. Even Edward Cullen himself (or as your mortals call him, Robert Pattinson), made the entire world swoon even harder when his song Never Think was added to the Twilight soundtrack. Be still my unfortunately beating, non-vampire heart.

The soundtrack for Eclipse is gonna rock all of our socks. Florence and the Machine, Metric, The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, The Bravery and of course Muse are going to bring this epic tale of love and hate to life. But, there are some songs that I think the lovely people at Summit Entertainment could have included in the film to make it ever more epic…epic-er…epic-est. Whatevs.

Vampires, werewolves, Bella’s, oh my!

Airplanes Pt. 2, B.o.B., Hayley Williams and Eminem

There has yet to be a hip hop song included on any of the Twilight soundtracks. Boo to this. Fighting for your life on a daily basis? Protecting your family from vampires/werewolves trying to bust a cap tooth in your butt? That shizz is straight outta Compton. The chorus to Airplanes Pt. 2, “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?/ I could really use a wish right now,” is sooooo Bella Swan. She wishes she was a vampire. She wishes Jake only loved her as a friend. She wishes Victoria wasn’t trying to kill her. And so on.

There’s a Light, Jay Malinowski

There’s a light, stay away from it Edward! No one in the Forks can know about your sparkly ways. This song has a tinge of optimism in an otherwise melancholy, emotional tune. Hello Twilight! Those books would depress me for 100 pages and then there would be one paragraph of rainbows. Bru-tal.

Be Mine, Robyn

Jacob wants Bella to be his. Edward wants Bella to be his. I would like either of them to be mine, but that’s just me. Some nice shots of the cast looking longingly into the distance would go great with this killer, slowed-down rendition of Robyn’s Be Mine. Not like Edward and Jacob are killers…a different kind. Killah.

Set Fire to the Third Bar, Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright

The song is about two people in love who can’t be together. Picture Jacob running away from the Forks in his wolf form after receiving Bella and Edward’s wedding announcement with this song playing in the background. Deep… I know.

Guns and Horses, Ellie Goulding

I could totes m’goats see this song playing while Bella is thinking about who to be with – Jacob or Edward. Frankly Bells, it’s a win-win sitch. Also, the video for Guns and Horses looks like it was filmed in the Forks and Goulding is dressed in a very Bella-esque outfit. Bonus points!

Santa Monica Dream, Angus and Julia Stone

Charlie walks Bella down the aisle to marry Edward. Jacob sits outside the Cullen house while the wedding is taking place inside, heart broken over Bella’s choice to become a vampire. Rain would be a nice touch and very fitting for the Forks. The lyrics seal the deal. ”I’m somewhere, you’re somewhere/ I’m nowhere, you’re nowhere/ You’re somewhere, you’re somewhere/I could go there but I don’t.” Edit, cut, scene!

Anyone’s Ghost, The National

Victoria is still all up in a hizzy about Edward killing James. Geesh! Hold a grudge much? Of course, she’s going all medieval on Edward and assembles an army of young vampires to take down the Cullens. People are being killed left, right, and centre in Seattle to create baby vamps. If your mortal self is killed and you become a vampire, are you a ghost? Or, Anyone’s Ghost? Get it?

Treat Me Like Your Mother, Dead Weather

If I was preparing for battle and psyching myself up to kill some vampires, I would be pumpin’ this shizz hard! Instead, I crank it up when I clean my bathroom. Totally badass, right?

What songs do you think should have been included on the Eclipse soundtrack?

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