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Born To Die and other songs inspired by Orphan Black 209

June 19th, 2014

OB 209 Playlist

We’re almost at the end of this season of Orphan Black (noooooo!!!) and people are showing their true colours. Donnie is apparently a badass, Rachel is definitely a liar and Helena finds two surprising friends in the Prolethean world. Check out what music inspired us this week in our playlist for Episode 209 – Things Which Have Never Yet Bee Done.

Watch this Season 2 finale of Orphan Black this Saturday at 9E/6P on Space. Catch up on episodes online anytime at

Lonely Boy, The Black Keys

Donnie has officially had enough of Dyad, Dr. Leekie, Vic, Deangelis, and really anyone else who even looks at his family the wrong way. Mistakenly becoming a murderer has unleashed something we never thought we’d see in Donnie – he’s a total badass. Dance it out, my friend.

Your Body, Christina Aguilera

BTW, Alison is all for badass-Donnie. Sex on the freezer? Get those Lululemon’s off!

Extreme Ways, Moby

Helena thought she was finally getting a family with the Proleatheans, and in a way she did. After she learns the truth about Hank’s plan to implant Helena’s eggs into every woman possible, including his daughter Gracie, Helena helps Gracie and Mark escape the Proleatheans and gives Hank a taste of his extreme ways.

Love Is Blindness, Jack White

Love has made all the clones blind. Rachael, who lost her parents, wants a family so badly that she’s willing to kidnap a child. Sarah is desperate to save Cosima and in the one moment she let’s her guard down, loses the one person who she loves more than anything – Kira.

Born To Die, Lana Del Rey

With Cosima’s condition worsening every day, Kira may be her last hope for survival. Duncan is trying to save Cosima as well, but his mistake in the sequence, which gave her life, may be the same thing to take it away.

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