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Britney & Justin: No Duet

August 23rd, 2007

If you believe everything you read on gossip blogs and Page Six, then Britney Spears recently backed out of a scheduled duet with her ex, Justin Timberlake. And of course people seem to be baffled by her decision, like, who wouldn’t want to work with JT, right?

I realize I may be in the complete minority on this – and it’s already prompted a couple of heated debates – but I for one am glad that Britney didn’t do it. Her decision not to work with Justin has actually made me respect her a little bit more this week. Why, you ask? Because why SHOULD she work with someone who, time and again, has put her on blast? Would YOU want to work with your ex after Cry Me A River? Or after they “jokingly” revealed private details of your relationship? (Keep in mind, that all happened way back when Brit still kept a few details of her life to herself…)

I know I wouldn’t. Maybe Brit’s decision shows that she still has an ounce of pride left in her.

And you know what, if Britney DOES have a huge comeback I do NOT want Justin to get the credit for saving her career. I might enjoy his songs, and yes he is talented – but JT is also, in my opinion, terribly overrated. I can hear the gasps already…and YES, I do believe that’s true. If I have to hear ONE more time that he’s “the new MJ”, I’m going to scream…

I am really bummed, though, that Britney also dissed Timbaland in the process. Now THAT pairing could have been awesome…

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