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July 9th, 2009


We’ve got these two magical lands that you should know about, see. Dudes. Brohemes. I’m talking to you. Two magical lands, full of hope and wonder.

The first land is of the online variety – and sure, it’s a little geeky. But in the good way, you know? In this geeky land, you can watch full episodes of The College Humour Show, which stars Jake & Amir and the whole clan of wunderkids that fill with solid gold. Watch episodes and wish your office was even a little bit like theirs.

The second land is a real life spectacle meant for your eyes and belly – Bud Camp. You and a bunch of bromegos chilling at a cabin, surrounded by l-a-d-i-e-s, having what could possibly be the time of your life.

Now, wait for it… both of these lands can be found in one spot: HERE. Enter for your chance to go to Bud Camp, and watch full episodes of College Humor while you’re there. BAM!!! Get your ass to Bud Camp, buster.


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