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Butt-Naked Damon: “You Should Learn To Knock. What If I Was Indecent?”

August 12th, 2011

We’ve got LOADS of vampy goodness oozing out today! And by oozing I mean Damon aka Ian Somerhalder presenting himself to Elena AKA Nina Dobrev, in all his glory!

BUT FIRST, some juicy tidbits. Pretty Little Liars’ Emily is sure gonna miss losing Samara to Stefan Salvatore. Yup – actress Claire Holt has been cast as an ex-girlfriend from Stefan’s past who re-enters the picture on the Klaus/Stefan bloodsucking world tour.

Her character’s named Rebecca AKA Bex, a bad-ass vampire from Stefan’s bad-boy days when he was a killing machine. And you thought Katherine was bad….

Lilly Roberson has been cast as Tyler’s date to the season premiere (Elena’s 18th Bday bash). She’ll play a love interest named Sofie, but with the rest of the world rooting for the eventual Caroline/Tyler hook-up, I don’t think she’ll be around for long. I wonder how they’ll kill her off…

Move over Alaric, two more vampire hunters have arrived in town! One takes the form of Supernatural’s Sebastian Roche, a hunter bent on killing Klaus once and for all. What’s more surprising? He actually scares Klaus. Now what kind of person scares a half-vampire/half-werewolf who can walk in the sun? I don’t think I want to know…..

The other vampire hunter is Heroes’ Jack Coleman. He enters the show somewhere during the first nine episodes and pretty much takes over The Council of founding families, blasting them for how they’ve screwed up the vampire situation.

And we’ve already reported 7th Heaven’s David Gallagher will be playing a werewolf on the two-parter season opener.

TIME FOR SOME PICS! Perez Hilton posted some shots of the season premiere, so take a look at what Elena’s party looks like and who her guests are right HERE!

Now, check out this AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME season recap with a clip from the new season (and a naked Damon!) below.

Don’t miss the premiere right here on MuchMusic Friday, September 23rd @ 8PM ET!

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