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CMW Bands Change Ideas of Montreal Music

March 16th, 2010

Think About Life

There seems to be a certain expectation that comes with being a band from Montreal in 2010 after an international legacy was set in part by Arcade Fire. The Montreal music scene drew the ears of the world in the mid 2000s. At this year’s Canadian Music Week in Toronto, that legacy was recognised and remixed. Instead of the layered, multi-vocal and instrumental rock of Stars and The Dears, Montreal bands came ready to dance and make us cemented footed Torontonians move with them.

Take Think About Life. The soulful, dance band have gone from being an emerging Montreal artists to being fully emerged. Think About Life are known for their live performances and when they took the stage last Friday, they gave a lagging crowd a kick in the pants. There are few party bands around right now that rival the awesomeness of Think About Life. If F-cked Up is Toronto’s greatest live act, they may have a Montreal rival.

Think About Life also joins a resurgence of bands who prove that although a band can be great with mediocre vocals, they can be superior with vocals like Martin Cesar’s and Caila Thompson-Hannant’s. Martin Cesar, the male lead vocalist of the co-ed band, said he is proud to be known for their live shows because it is the band really expressing themselves. “Recording is one thing but performance is a whole other thing,” he said.

Cesar said that their music is well geared for the California sun and he couldn’t be more accurate. But, for a group So-Cal suited, they are very immersed in the too cool for school Montreal music scene and Cesar says his own taste is very locally driven with favourite bands Silly Kissers and Clues.

Winter Gloves

Later on in the same Friday showcase Montreal band Winter Gloves performed. The dancey, electro-rock group was formed after the lead singer Charles F. posted some songs on his MySpace. He calls this project “accidental” because at that time he was focusing mainly on another group, a guitar band. Its not uncommon to see them around their hometown but they will soon be going on a huge international tour with You Say Party! We Say Die! Winter Gloves were recently spotted on the streets of Montreal doing Busking for Change to raise money for War Child. “The first spot was in a shopping mall and we had a hard time there. The second was in the Metro and that felt way better.”

When Winter Gloves venture outside of their hometown on tour, they don’t always have the best experience. At the Guelph Hillside Festival in 2009, the tent they were performing in got struck by lightening just after the set started. “A few people fainted but after you could feel the energy was incredible,” Charles F. said.

Let’s hope, for the sake of their tour, that lightening doesn’t strike twice. Well, except with Montreal dance bands.

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