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Canadian students now get the chance to study the one and only Beyonce

July 7th, 2014


The University of Victoria is about to get a lot more flawless.

Starting in January students can take a course about the one and only Beyonce. Melissa Avdeeff is a musicology researcher and lecturer at the university and the visionary teaching the course.

Although this may seem like a fun easy course where you get to listen to Beyonce on repeat and debate Blue Ivy’s impact on her music, you’d be wrong. Avdeeff assures that pop culture may seem fun but it has a big impact on society. “I don’t see studying popular culture as any less academically or socially relevant than studying other forms of musicology like historical musicology or music theory. It’s important to have these courses. They get people thinking more critically about how they are engaging with media,” Avdeeff told the Globe and Mail.

The class will follow Beyonce’s career from Destiny’s Child member to full blown superstar. It’s described as a way to analyze popular music and think critically about pop culture. “It’s just a way to develop a framework to understand why and how we listen to popular music and its role in society and having to think more critically about that as opposed to being passive consumers,” Avdeeff said.

This legendary course will not only focus on Beyonce’s career and music but her impact as a cultural icon and feminist. Beyonce is a humanitarian, advocate, and feminist so I’m sure there’s a lot of source material for the course.

This isn’t the first university course to be centered around Queen Bey. Rutgers University in New Jersey already has a course developed on Beyonce called “Politicizing Beyonce” and focuses on Beyonce as a feminist. Beyonce isn’t the only pop star to be the focus of university course. Both Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have courses based on them.

The course already has a Twitter account encouraging students to enroll, not that they need much convincing. The class size already increased from 70 to 100 people.

I hate school, but I would consider going back if it meant I could study Beyonce.


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