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Catching Fall’s Best! Part 1

September 13th, 2010

Three simple reasons to love fall: Bedouin Soundclash, Gossip Girl, and The Social Network! (plus all the pretty colours on the trees!). But more importantly we’re back to regularly scheduled doses of the best Hollywood has to offer. Check out what’s making everyone’s radar this fall in tunes, flicks and the small screen!

School’s back in session and we need some distractions so without further adieu:

Bedouin Soundclash: Light My Horizon – “Mountain Top”

Toronto band (woo whoo!) Bedouin Soundclash is back with their trademark ska/reggae sounds on their new album “Light My Horizon” due out next week on September 28th. Their first album since 2007’s Street Gospels, we’ve been waiting for this for a while! Much has got your exclusive preview of their debut track “Mountain Top” online for you! It’s the perfect tone for the fading days of summer and the beginning of fall. Check it out right HERE!

Gossip Girl Season Four: You know you love me…

It’s back tonight @ 8PM ET. The socialites of the Upper East Side have been gone the whole summer and we need answers! Is Georgina’s baby really Dan’s? Will Blair and Chuck reunite? Will Nate go off the deep end? Who will Serena choose to be with? Plus the dramatic fallouts of Little J’s exit, Vanessa’s internship and BFF’s “S” and “B” trip to Paris! Don’t miss all the gossip tonight! XOXO!

And what better way to gear up for the return of Manhattan’s social elite? By winning a FREE boxed set of Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season from Much! Get all the deets right HERE!

The Social Network: You don’t get to 5 Million friends without making a few enemies

Don’t even give me that “why would they make a movie about Facebook” business. Facebook has become our lives – even if you don’t have one yet (what’s wrong with you?) you know at least a dozen people who do. What are your friends doing? Check status updates. Are you invited to my party? Check your events. How’s your relationship? It’s complicated. How could someone conceive an idea that would become the most popular social media trend to affect our daily lives? It was all about making the college experience digital! Check out how a bunch of Students managed to become instant billionaires! The film opens in three weeks on October 1st and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake.

Added Bonus: some of the greatest movies and television shows have been inspired by books someone curled up on the couch with and read: for instance, Twilight, Harry Potter and every comic book movie made in the last ten years! So here’s an extra item on our radar – a hot read to check out this fall:

Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel
I haven’t personally picked this up, but I’ve read this author before (he’s proudly Canadian!) and he’s totally awesome! He wrote the “Silverwing” novel series (which was turned into an animated television series). His new novel doesn’t feature a bat this time but a chimpanzee in a weird twist of events. A human family adopts a chimp for an experiment but has to decide if they can make the project a success or cut their losses. If they go for the latter what happens to an animal that believes its part of a family that no longer wants him? Can you taste the drama?


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