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Catching Fall’s Best Part 2

September 14th, 2010

We’re falling in love with fall for a bunch of reasons today: the returns to West Beverly and McKinley High School (90210 and Glee), Zach Galifianakis movies and John Legend and The Roots.

Click for more on what’s making our radar in the coming months!

90210: Senior Year

It’s senior year for the world’s most famous zip code! That means a new season to gear up for university, planning the perfect prom after party, and closing up all the loose ends before graduation. For Annie Wilson and Co. (played by Canadian Shenae Grimes! Woo whoo!) the new season promises the Kardashians, an earthquake with huge consequences, a gay storyline (between Trevor Donovan and newbie Canadian actor Kyle Riabko) and the exits of actors Rob Estes and Jennie Garth. Plus the fallout from Naomi’s assault, Jasper’s vengeance on Annie, Dixon’s confession to Ivy and Navid’s confessed love for Adrianna.

Glee: Don’t Stop Believing

And from a world famous zip code to just plain world famous we’ve got the return of Glee next Tuesday, September 21st! When we last left our merry gleeks Will and Finn both professed their love for their leading ladies. And while Finn seems ready to move forward with Rachel, Will has to contend with Emma’s new boyfriend (played byJohn Stamos). Plus there’s a rival lead singer for Rachel (singer Charice Pempengco), Kurt gets a football player boyfriend, plus a Britney Spears, a Rocky Horror Picture Show and a Madonna-sequel themed episodes in the works. Wow…and that’s just for the fall!

Have predictions for the Britney themed episode? Post them HERE!

Zach Galifianakis: Due Date & It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

Love him or hate him he’s proven he can crack you up. After last year’s breakout performance in The Hangover he’s got two new movies out this fall (yes, I’m skipping over Dinner For Schmucks….let’s never speak of it again). Due Date sounds like your typical comedy fare with Zach playing sidekick to Robert Downy Jr.’s rushing to make it to his wife’s side for when she goes into labour. But I think he’ll get way more critical acclaim for It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. Zach stars alongside Emma Roberts in a psych ward where he makes it fun for a young kid diagnosed with a mental illness. It’s a taboo subject being given a light-hearted endearing tone. Done right it could be a really good movie that’s a comedy too! Due Date opens November 5th and It’s Kind Of A Funny Story opens October 8th.

John Legend & The Roots: Wake Up!

It’s the new collaborative album from John Legend and the Roots. John Legend has one of the most AMAZING voices I’ve ever heard (and I’m sure you’ll agree once you hear him sing!) so we’re all definitely lucky that his new album with The Roots is dropping this fall. The first single is called “Wake Up Everybody” but you check out the ENTIRE ALBUM right HERE online on MuchMusic. Enjoy!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Why wait for the two movies over the next 10 months when you can read it all in one fell swoop. It’s the perfect payoff for reading all seven books as you get what the movies can’t capture – all the little intricacies of Hogwarts, the greater wizarding world, the mythology, and the minor characters like the Order of the Phoenix clan. It’s been seven long books figuring out all the clues, Horcruxes and ways to defeat Voldemort and the final plot is worth the read. It’s a great way to get ready for the first movie installment of the final book this November.


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