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Chris Brown still can’t play nice and is set to release a Mixtape

July 20th, 2011

Radar Online is reporting that the 22-year-old  R n B wild child Chris Brown is terrorizing his West Hollywood neighbours with “loud music, constant stream of friends all night” and “disrespectful manner”. That doesn’t sound anything like the Chris Brown we have come to know and not love in the past…right?

Was it not just months ago that he threw a tantrum backstage on Good Morning America? Wahh wahh.  Brown’s condo is valued at around $1.7 million with 3,000 square feet , and three bedrooms, two of which are presumably  used to hold his ego. I can hear the public relations team’s tears from here.

If that wasn’t enough torture for his neighbours, they may soon be subjected to Chris’ rap skills as he announced via Twitter that he will be releasing a hip hop mixtape called Boy in Detention. This will mark his first full rap release. “Breezy” suited up for his new release with a brand new grill and tweeted to his fans “stomach ache from eating gold”. In this economy? I’m feeling a little illness coming on as well.

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