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Christian Bale Freakout: The Remix & The Mae Shi Tribute Song

February 3rd, 2009

Man oh man – if you haven’t heard this already you’re in for a trip. Someone has set the original Christian Bale Terminator: Salvation freakout to techno and completely remixed it. IT IS AMAZING. I can’t stop listening to it. I want it on my iPod NOW.

NOTE: This is littered with f-bombs. So, you know, wear headphones.

UPDATE: My newest favourite band, The Mae Shi, have written and uploaded a song about the freakout less than 24 hours after the audio was originally posted and it’s called R U Professional. With original lyrics about The Dark Knight, Empire Of The Sun, American Psycho and all of Christian’s movies. AMAZING WORK.

Christian Bale Freakout: Remix

The Mae Shi: R U Professional

R U Professional lyrics:
[Christian Bale audio clip: What the f**k are you doing? Are you professional or not? No! No!. Shut the fk up!]

R U professional?
R U pro-pro-pro-professional?
R U professional?
R U professional?
R U professional?

He’s got that look in his eyes
I see the fire behind
He is the Dark Knight
He is professional

He’s got that (?) behind
But maybe something ain’t right
Swing Kid with a violent streak
But he’s professional

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

R U professional?
[Christian Bale audio clip: F**k’s sake, you’re amateur]
R U pro-pro-pro-professional?

Empire Of The Sun
He was like number one
(?) sense of humour
You can’t stop him, he’s professional

Step back, stay out of his light
Better try not to put up a fight
Newsies will get you tonight
Cause they’re professional

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

[Christian Bale audio clip: Seriously man, you and me, we’re f**king done professionally]

Don’t look too deep in his eyes
You can’t hide what’s inside of his mind
And it might get a little bit ugly
And you might meet an American Psycho

He is professional
But I think he’s lost control

[Christian Bale audio clip: Oh GOOD for you!]

PS: Czech out this Senor Bale sound board and ensure that you do nothing else all day…

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