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Christina vs. Madonna, Selena Gomez vs. The White Stripes, etc.

April 29th, 2010

OG and New G

Pics from Christina Aguilera’s shoot for her soon to be released video for Not Myself Tonight seem to look an awful lot like Madonna’s Human Nature music video – apparently leather bodysuits are back, and just in time for summer! Yay!

Many artists have spoofed or taken ‘inspiration’ from music videos of the past. Shania Twain did a Robert Palmer style video for Man, I feel like a woman. Hedley paid their respect to Duran Duran in Never Too Late. But, some artists seems a bit more like they’re copying as opposed to givin’ props. Now the big question – who did it better?

Selena Gomez vs. The White Stripes


The two songs are pretty apples and oranges in terms of different, but the giant black, white and red triangles attacking Selena Gomez looked oddly similar to those in The White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army.

Watch Selena Gomez’s Naturally here and The White Stripes Seven Nation Army here.

Who rocked the triangles better?

Rihanna vs. M.I.A.


When Rihanna released her hyped up video for Rude Boy people first thought, ‘um, what?’ and then, ‘um, wait!.’ The video looked a lot like M.I.A.’s Boyz. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Rihanna will be killing redheads in her next video.

Watch Rihanna’s Rude Boy here and M.I.A.’s Boyz here.

Who rocked the neon outfits harder?

Simple Plan vs. REM


When Simple Plan released their video for Welcome to My Life I had a sudden feeling of being Welcomed To the 90’s. Sad people abandoning their cars on the highway en masse? Guys, if you’re going to steal an idea from a music video, try to not use one of the most popular videos of all time. Also, sitting on top of a bridge? 98 Degree’s beat you to it. You’re 0 for 2.

Watch Simple Plan’s Welcome to My Life here and watch REM’s Everybody Hurts here.

Who do you think walked down a highway better?

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minja vs. N’Sync


Mariah Carey and Nicki Minja’s video for Up Out My Face is not a copy of N’Sync’s It’s Gonna Be Me. Up Out of My Face is totally an ad for Target and It’s Gonna Be Me is Wal Mart all the way. But, both video’s do turn their artists into Barbie…and Ken’s.

Watch Mariah Carey’s and Nicki Minja’s video for Up Out of My Face here and watch N’Sync’s It’s Gonna Be Me here.

Who looks better 10 inches tall and plastic?

Hilary Duff vs. Liz Phair


Normally the newbie in this situation gets blamed. The OG singer did their video first and therefore usually gets the props. But, in this case, video director Phil Harder wears the dunce cap. Harder directed both of the women’s videos and decided Phair’s video looked so good, why not do it a second time? Duff’s video was update to include lasers, making Phair’s video so 2000 and late (I kid, it’s a great video).

Watch Hilary Duff’s video for Beat of My Heart here and Liz Phair’s Why Can’t I here.

Who werked the floor betta?

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