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CMW Thursday: Julie Doiron, Plants And Animals & Les Breastfeeders

March 7th, 2008

Julie Doiron @ The Rivoli

Plants And Animals @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Les Breastfeeders @ The El Mocambo

Canadian Music Week is on, where were you last night? Eric (my roommate), Kat and I were haunting around Spadina checking out the festivities ’till late last night. We hit the Rivoli, Horseshoe Tavern and El Mocambo and saw Julie Doiron, Plants And Animals and Les Breastfeeders (they’re from Quebec). From what I’ve seen, the overwhelming theme of CMW is ‘rough around the edges’.

Julie Doiron played a fantastic show, despite her insistence that the equipment she was using made her sound terrible. Having never seen her play before, I can’t begin to tell you what songs she played or in what order…but I don’t think she knows either. In line with the spirit(s) of CMW…Julie Doiron was quite drunk. This isn’t a slight, so were Eric and I. Although, I suspect that this was the reason she and her drummer traded places for a few songs after joking around with the crowd.

Later on, we hopped over to The Horseshoe to check out Plants And Animals. Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I’ve got a huge crush on this band. Last night they played a great set including Bye, Bye, Bye, Good Friend, Faerie Dance, Lola Who, among others. Their delivery was a little looser than when I saw them at The Drake, but that’s just to fit in with the feel of CMW. And, in any case, it didn’t distract from the show.

What really, really sold me on Plants And Animals this time around was the last song, Guru/Sinnerman an old jazz/blues track that they covered. I feel as though they must have known that this song was one of my faves because they played it extremely well. I fully plan on attending every show they play in Toronto just on the off chance that they play this song again. With any luck they read my last post and they’ll do a version of the song with Bruce Peninsula.

The final band last night was also from Montreal, Les Breastfeeders. Honestly, with a name like that and a website entirely in French, I didn’t know what to expect at all. The only warning I got was “they are like The Strokes, but they are French.” After watching them play I can confirm that they are not the French version of The Strokes. They have a more subdued and less nasal sound than The Strokes do. They also have a WILD tambourinist…it was as if the tambourine possessed him. I still don’t know what to make of that guy. All in all, Les Breastfeeders put on a solid show that had me dancing, despite my inability to do so.

So, there you have it – CMW Day One completed. Tonight I am looking forward to Raised By Swans and Woodhands. Raised By Swans I saw a couple weeks back, so I know this will be a great show. Woodhands…never heard of them, but Kat assures me I’m in for an all out dance party… that was what you called it, right Kat?

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