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Colbie Caillat is Make-Up Free and Beautiful in Her New Music Video

July 14th, 2014


Colbie Caillat is taking a stand against photoshop and helping to redefine beauty with her new music video for Try. In the video Colbie is seen all done up. I’m talking hair done, nails done, everything big. Throughout the music video though Colbie slowly sheds her hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and foundation for an all natural look. The video also shows other women from different ages and races following Colbie’s lead and loosing their make-up.

“When I shot the first scene with no hair and makeup on in front of an HD camera in my face, flashed with bright lights, everyone was watching. I thought, ‘Oh my god, I bet they’re all looking at my blemishes, thinking that I should cover them up, or that I should put some volume in my hair.’ But it also felt really cool to be on camera with zero on, like literally nothing on. And then when it got to the full hair and makeup, I actually felt gross. I was just so caked on,” Colbie told Elle Magazine about the video.

Colbie went on to say that the inspiration for the song and the video came from the pressure she felt to look a certain way. Try is another self-empowering song that will make you feel great about yourself. The video alone is enough for you to put down the mascara wand.

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