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Damian’s flying solo on The Wedge tonight

February 23rd, 2011

Well, I was hoping it would have been a little later than this, but due to a series of unfortunate events (no Lemony Snicket) tonight’s show will feature… just me, doing… something. I knew that there would be many nights of just me doing things alone (I mean did we seriously think I could get 52 guests so there would someone would join me every Wednesday?). As for the what I will be doing, that is still up in the air, but rest assured it will be interesting. Update: We will be shooting live from Toronto’s biggest independent record shop, Sonic Boom.

The goal of this show, however, has always been the music. Every week we hope to bring you some of the most recent videos that people are talking about from the peripheries and even completely removed from the mainstream (unless the censors say we can’t play it, like the latest videos by Tyler, The Creator and The New Pornographers). This week we will be playing new stuff by the Vivian Girls, Radiohead, Yeasayer, The Luyas, and a bunch of others. Also, some news and info about what is happening in the world of music… and of course, my not-always-asked-for-or-liked commentary on what we are playing. Think of it as a Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the Pitchfork set (if you don’t understand that just Google it – you might like it).

I want to also thank everyone again fopr tuning in each week. The show is a work in progress that is still finding its feet. But that is what I like anyway: Too slick to me is too boring. Remember to do it yourself and kill the buisness because we make this culture.


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