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Dancing till you drop just got real

June 18th, 2009

So little ol’ me decided to head on over to Pitchfork for some music news and what do I find? Not an album review. Not news on the newest hottest band.


Someone died at Bonnaroo you guys. The crew were cleaning up after the festival and they found a body in a tent. No news yet on the cause of death.

Crazy right? I love going to music festivals but now I’m kinda scared. Hey any horror movie producers out there!? I’ve got an idea for a new movie! Death by festival! Think about it. Actually don’t. It is creepy.

Here’s Pitchfork’s news on it.

Who left this guy in a tent? Was he not with friends? Let’s play CSI and try and figure this one out. My theory? The music was just so amazing. I mean really did you see the line-up? Either that or he really is just playing dead. Like a dog or something. His friends left him there and he’s trying to teach them a lesson.

* All joking aside this is sad and my heart goes out the the family and friends. Party safe everyone.

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