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Degrass Ep. 39: There’s no place like home

March 18th, 2011

Alli finds a safe place to hide, Wesley tries to break a world record and Holly J’s health is at risk. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

*Spoiler! This recap includes mayjah spoilers. If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read last week’s recaps here!

The Grade 10’s get to computer class and find Holly J asleep on their keyboards. Connor suggests that she’s tired from staying up all night gaming. Chantay’s reaction makes my day.

Holly J finally wakes up in time to make it to History class. Annnnd time to go back to sleep. I kid, I kid! Sometimes.

Ms. Oh pulls Holly J and Chantay aside after class to give them their report on their work study. Chantay is throwin’ down some impressive-ness on Counsellor Greyson. She is tres happy.

Holly J, unfortunately, is for once in her life not doing well. Ms. Oh says that Holly J appears unfocused and unmotivated. Does she mean Holly K? Our Holly J is always on the ball! At work that day Holly J can’t seem to get her energy level up and almost passes out on the waitress next to her. Time to go home!!!

At the Counselor’s office the next day the girls find out that she wants them to run a 10K that afternoon. Yaayyyy…not. Holly J is already exhausted and stressed, but she won’t let herself look bad at work.

Sav tries to talk Holly J out of the run since she looks horrible and can’t keep her eyes open, but Holly J refuses. Even with the cough she can’t seem to shake she refuses to miss the run and a chance to impress Counsellor Greyson.

At the run Holly J is feeling even worse and is about to back out when Counselor Greyson tells Holly J and Chantay that she’s running for Mayor this summer. If they continue to impress her then they have a shot at summer jobs. So ya, she be runnin’.

Holly J can barely finish the race. Chantay asks Holly J if she’s pregnant and Holly J says no, and then accuses Chantay of trying to make Holly J look bad to the Counselor. Wow! Did anyone just get a flashback to grade 10 Holly J? I feel like Mya is about to show up. Holly J chills out momentarily, but I think that’s just because she needs to hurl.

Holly J survives the run, but barely. She can’t pretend that everything is okay anymore. There is something seriously wrong with Holly J, but what?

The Grade 10’s are digging up a time capsule they buried at Degrassi in Grade 7.

When Wesley reads his letter to himself he realizes that he hasn’t achieved any of his goals, including breaking a World Record. Also, he’s still a nerd.

Wesley talks to his science teacher/Uncle Mike and they finally figure out a record Wesley can break! Most pogo stick jumps in 24 hours! Seems like a lot of work. Isn’t there a napping record that needs to be broken?

Connor is supportive, but as usual Dave is not. Rather than help Wesley train, Dave decides to make an announcement on the Degrassi PA and tell the whole school that Wesley will be breaking a world record tomorrow! Time to start jumpin’ Wes!

The Bhandari’s are getting more and more worried about Alli. Sav tells Holly J that they have surveillance of Alli getting into a car and that they’re making a plan with the police that night.

Sav is upset that they police can’t do anything to find Alli, but he needs to keep a lid on his anger so that he doesn’t upset his mom. He’s talked to all of Alli’s friends and none of them have seen her.

But there is one person that he hasn’t checked with.

Johnny ‘Omigawdhesbackandcuthishair’ Di-freakin’-Marco! WHAT?!?!

Johnny says that he hasn’t seen Alli, but looky look who we find in his dorm room when Sav leaves.

Alli felt like she had no one else to turn to and Johnny agrees to let her stay for the night. Online, Alli sees that some people miss her, while others are happy she took off.

Alli decides that she needs to start over and wants to take a bus to Vancouver. Johnny points out that the police will be looking for her, so she needs a disguise. His girlfriend Kayley is a drama major and helps Alli meet other people in Johnny’s dorm and collect different clothes and a wig. Kayley is nice to Alli, but hanging out with your boyfriends ex isn’t the best way to spend an evening.

Alli overhears Kayley saying that she doesn’t want Alli around. Alli tries to take off, but Johnny convinces her to stay for another night. He’s hoping that if he can show her how cool University is, she’ll want to go back home finish high school.

Will Johnny call the Bhandari’s before Alli takes off for good? Will Holly J be okay? Will Wesley break the World Record? Find out next Friday at 9pm ET on a brand new episode of Degrassi exclusively on MuchMusic!

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