Degrassi bras it all on tonight’s brand new episode

February 11th, 2014

Imogen Degrassi Bra

On tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi airing at 9E/6P on Much and MTV, Imogen is suspended when she refuses to wear a bra to school. To fight back, she shows up to class with her bra back in place…almost. We totally get it, Imogen. Bras can be the worst. At first, you’re so excited to finally get to wear one.


Then you realize how horrifically uncomfortable they are.


You need a million different types of bras so they won’t show under your shirts.


Speaking of a million, that’s how many dollars you will spend on bras in your lifetime.


But, if you must show support for your ladies, here are a few fun bra ideas that Imogen can rock on tonight’s Degrassi, airing at 9E/6P on Much and MTV.

How about something patriotic?


Or maybe you have a sweet tooth.


Make that a big sweet tooth.


Keep it classy, like Madge.


You can incorporate your science fair project into your bra.


Or copy the other kid that incorporated their science project into their bra.

Mt 2009.jpeg

You could just forget the whole thing and ‘pretend’ to wear a bra.

MT Mermaid.jpeg

Or, you could use this opportunity to promote your band.


Don’t forget about the fellas. They need support as well.


Plus, if all else fails, tell your principal that bras start at $10 million each.


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