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Degrassi Ep. 1 & 2: Dangerous Minds

July 18th, 2011

It’s Spring Break and love is in the air! Sav meets a new girl to help him get over Holly J, Fiona is more than inspired in her art class and Drew and Bianca have the ultimate test of their relationship. Find out what went down on the Season 11 Premiere of Degrassi under the jump!

Spoilers ahead! You can watch Episode 1 and 2 right hurre!

Keke Palmer is in town and Bianca is determined to win tickets to the concert in a dance off! B shakes her booty on stage and is awarded with three sets of tickets! It’ll be a triple date for her and Drew, KC and Jenna and Dave and Sadie.

As they’re leaving the dance competition some thug calls out Bianca’s name. Ummmm…who dat?

Bianca ignores him and keeps moving, telling Drew that she used to hang out with him. She definitely looks freaked and that’s not a look I’m used to seeing on Bianca!

Sounds like a perfect night, right? Almost. Drew and Bianca decide to celebrate their winnings and their two month anniversary with an all-night make out session and a bracelet that Drew gives to Bianca with her name engraved. How romantic!

Until Mrs. Torres walks in on them and grounds Drew. Shakespeare didn’t cover groundings when he wrote love stories.

Drew is obviously bummed that he can’t go to the concert anymore and complains to KC and Dave the next day while they’re at their spring break basketball coaching job. The guys feel bad for Drew (helpful), especially since they think Bianca can’t be trusted to not cheat on Drew (not helpful). Bianca shows up at the gym dressed for the concert in an outfit that is…welll, she looks goooood.

Someone who is also bummed is Sav. He is in full emo-mode after his break up with Holly J and Alli is being a good sister and trying to get him out of his Eeyore phase. When painting the living room doesn’t help (even the fumes couldn’t make him deliriously happy?) she suggests the next best thing – shopping!

Sav tries on some shades, but can’t stop complaining about Holly J.

That is, until a beautiful girl walks up next to him and starts a conversation. Her name is Kianna and thankfully Sav has enough sense to ask her out! She’s working that night, but tells Sav she’ll leave his name at the door. Apparently Sav doesn’t watch a lot of Nickelodean…

Drew decides that his mom can’t possibly ground him any more than he already is (this is a terrible theory to test) so he sneaks out and meets up with everyone at the Keke Palmer concert.

He tries to find Bianca, but it seems that Anson has already found her. Here’s what we learn about Anson in about three seconds – he just got out of Juvenille Hall, he used to date Bianca and he has threatened to hurt Drew if Bianca doesn’t do what Anson wants. OH. LAWD. THIS. IS. BAD.

Drew sees Bianca sitting with Anson and freaks out, screaming that she’s probably been cheating on him. Hurt that Drew would accuse her of this and scared that he’ll get hurt, she lies and tells Drew that she has been cheating on him. Fuming, Drew sees KC at the bar and tells him the sitch. KC points out that Bianca has never lied to Drew and that he knew a lot of guys in gangs when he was living in the group home.

Drew realizes that Bianca may be in trouble and runs out of the club to find her.

On the other side of the dancehall Alli has managed to get Sav into his happy place.

He’s excited about Kianna, but can’t seem to find her. That is, until he looks on stage and realizes that Kianna is short for Keke, as in Keke Palmer!

Alli flips out enough for all of us watching at home and then the REALLY cool moment happens.

Keke invites Sav on stage and sings to him! Holly J who?

Drew finds Bianca, but it looks like it’s almost too late. Anson is attacking Bianca in an alleyway and is trying to rape her.

Drew and Anson start fighting, but Drew is on the ground and Anson won’t stop kicking him.

That’s when Bianca takes things into her own hands and grabs a brick, hitting Anson over the head.

He drops to the ground and Bianca and Drew take off, but not before one of Anson’s gang members sees them running…and finds Bianca’s bracelet with her name engraved. OH. LAWD. THIS. IS. EVEN. WORSE.

The next day, Drew and Bianca meet at Degrassi before Drew starts his basketball camp. Bianca has news and shockingly (not) it’s bad. There’s an article about Anson in the paper. The brick hitting him in the head killed him. Drew wants to go to the police, but Bianca has a record and is on probation and doesn’t think the police will believe her that it’s self-defense.

It’s riiiiight about now that the couple realize that Bianca’s bracelet is gone. This just keeps getting worse!

Drew and Bianca go back to the alley to try to find her bracelet, but come up with nothing. That is until Vince, Anson’s friend, shows up with Bianca’s bracelet and a whole lotta info about the two that he found online. Vince tells Bianca and Drew that payback is in the future and flashes his gun.

Bianca tries to tell Drew to relax, but he can’t. So Bianca sets up a meeting with the two of them and Vince to talk. Vince shows up with about five guys and tells Drew that since Anson won’t be working for him anymore, Drew will be his replacement. He gives Drew a gun and tells Drew that he’ll be giving him a name and a location…so that Drew can kill someone. OH. EM. GEE. Being grounded doesn’t look so bad anymore.

The next day Bianca and Drew are standing outside of Degrassi when Bianca asks Drew to not do this (listen to her), but Drew is going through with things.

He walks past Dave over to Dave’s father, who is standing in his police uniform next to his cruiser. PAUSE Is Drew about to shoot a police officer?!?!?!? PLAY No! Oh thank jeebus.

Drew puts the gun down on Officer Turner’s car and tells him about Anson and Vince…except for one minor detail. Drew tells Officer Turner that HE hit Anson, not Bianca. I think this was a bad move…

After Sav’s private dance with Keke Palmer at her concert he can’t stop thinking about her. When he gets the thumbs up from Alli, Sav decides to go to Keke’s hotel and hope he runs into her. And he does! That’s lucky. Keke is happy to see him, but not happy that her whole life is planned out. So she grabs Sav’s hand and takes off, getting away from her manager and probably making Sav’s heart melt.

The two end up at The Dot and Keke and Sav share their feelings for one another over lattes. Unfortunately, Keke’s manager finds them and it’s time for the supah stah to hit the road. Um, Sav! Ask for her number!

Not to fret. Apparently Keke has the Geek Squad on speed dial, because somehow she manages to find Sav online. The two video chat and Keke sings Sav her new song. Le swoon.

Holly J makes her way over to Fiona’s crib to say goodbye to her bestie before Fiona leaves for summer break in the Caribbean with her mom. Unfortunately, Mrs. Coyne has some bad news about storms in the tropics.

Looks like Fiona won’t get to wear her new bikini just yet. Holly J suggests Fiona join her at art lessons for the week. That’s just as fun as the beach! Sorry, I tried. I’d rather be at the beach.

Fiona and Holly J show up to their first art lesson and so does a model named Charlie. Fiona likey. Actually, I think everyone likey. She is goooorgeous! Fiona works up the courage to talk to Charlie after class. Charlie is getting on her scooter, so naturally Fiona lies and says that she has a bunch of scooters too. Oh, Fiona. Charlie invites Fiona to ride scooters with her tomorrow after class and Fiona accepts the invite!

The next day Fiona is devastated to find out it takes more than a hour to get your motorcycle license. Rather than tell Charlie the truth, Fiona tells her that she has plumbing issues. Oh gurl, you coulda done better than that.

Charlie sees Fiona at art class and confronts her about her lame lie. Fiona confesses that she doesn’t own a scooter and wanted to impress Charlie. Charlie is impressed with Fiona’s honesty and Fiona invites Charlie over to ‘sketch’. I assume that’s codeword for making out.

And apparently it is! Fiona wants to get some use out of her new bikini and comes out of her bedroom wearing mostly a smile. Charlie is a fan and the two start kissing. After a few seconds Fiona pulls away, scared about embarking on her first relationship with a woman.

The next day Charlie apologizes to Fiona for moving too fast and Fiona tells Charlie that she wants to keep seeing her. Yay Fiona! Okay, this is totes better than a beach.

Will Drew end up in jail for saying he killed Anson? Will Sav see Keke Palmer again? Is Fiona starting her first healthy relationship? Find out this season on Degrassi!

Watch a brand new episode of Degrassi every Monday – Thursday at 9 pm ET on MuchMusic!

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