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Degrassi Ep. 10: Just say no

August 2nd, 2011

Charlie and Fiona find being roommates difficult, Anya tries to escape her problems with drugs and Connor finds a new obsession. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Anya and Owen are out on their first date, but Anya can’t get over the dread she’s feeling towards coming clean to her parents tomorrow about Toronto University.

When Bianca and two of her friends join Anya and Owen in the lounge, Bianca’s friend Chloe offers Anya cocaine and she decides that since things can’t get any worse, why not try some hardcore drugs? Oh, I can think of about a million reasons. Owen, you know, the guy that all of Anya’s friends think is scum, doesn’t do coke and doesn’t look impressed when Anya decides to try it for the first time. Looks like he might be boyfriend material after all.

The next morning Anya comes to school feeling awful from not just the drugs, but also from telling her parents that she didn’t get into Toronto University. Just a thought, but since her family went through cancer last year you’d think they would see not getting into University as a set back and not the end of the world? Perspective? Guess not.

In Simpson’s office, Anya admits that she only applied to TU because she wanted to be close to Dr. Chris. Oh gurl, this wouldda been a good time to lie. Mr. Simpson has found another school that is still accepting admissions, but Anya only has a few days to write her admissions essay and she’s super tired from staying up high on coke. She should probably leave that off her admissions essay.

With the essay needing to be completed asap, Anya has to bail on Holly J’s charity volleyball game and admits to her friend that she’s so exhausted because she tried cocaine the night before. Holly J keeps the judgment to a surprising minimum, but of course blames Owen.

Fiona breezes into the classroom to tell the girls that she is in love with Charlie…living with her. Holly J is excited that Mrs. Coyne said yes to Charlie moving in and Fiona admits that she didn’t tell her mom about Charlie yet, but is instead waiting for Mrs. Coyne to return from a business trip. Doesn’t anyone tell their mothers anything in this school?

Anya is trying to work on her admissions essay, but already feels defeated. Owen encourages her to call the University and tell them that her essay is late because she’s been helping her mom through her cancer treatment. I gotta say, he is turning into the biggest surprise out of the underdog class this year!

Owen’s idea worked and now Anya has a meeting with the head of Admissions! This also means she and Owen can play in Holly J’s volleyball tourney together. All is right with the world once more.

Owen brings some of his hockey buddies to the volleyball tourney and overhears Holly J talking all kinds of smack against him.

So he squirts her with a water bottle. Do I blame him? No.

At the club that night Owen is upset that Holly J is so against him and tells Anya that she won’t get into University if she keeps acting like Holly J’s lapdog.

Upset, Anya finds Bianca and Chloe at the club and decides that to feel better she should do coke again.

Anya finds Owen and he apologizes for yelling at her, until he realizes that she’s done coke again.

Owen walks out on Anya, but not before he sees her dancing with another guy. Oh Anya.

Now that Fiona and Charlie are living together they both have to adjust to each others lifestyles. Fiona likes lofts with doormen and key fobs and Charlie likes going to school and volunteering at a homeless shelter. Oh, and Charlie has a cat. So ya, this should go well (not!).

It seems that Fiona is allergic to Charlie’s cat Mr. Tuxedo Pants, which by the way is way too long of a name, and she’s trying to find a remedy on her iPad when Eli finds her to talk about the play. When Fiona shows Eli her hives he notices that her hives are actually bites…from bedbugs. Aw no!!!

Fiona calls an exterminator and it’s definitely bed bugs. She starts to think that Charlie brought them in and I’m starting to think she’s right.

That night Fiona accuses Charlie of bringing bed bugs into the apartment and Charlie tells Fiona that just because she doesn’t have money doesn’t mean that she’s dirty.

Fiona apologizes and realizes that she and Charlie don’t really know each other. They tell each other about their past until Fiona’s mom calls…to tell her that the bed bugs are from the penthouse in New York. Whoopsie!

Connor has moved on from stealing underwear to putting all of his time and energy towards an App competition. Will it be better than the Degrassi App? Heck no. But it still sounds pretty sweet. Connor tells Mr. Simpson that he is designing an App that will help girls choose their outfits based on how their feeling. I will totally pay $1.99 for that.

But before he gets to work it’s back to sneaking in the girls locker room. Connor takes pictures of girls clothing as research…I assume.

That is until Alli catches him and he knocks her over on the way out of the dressing room.

Will Anya regret her decisions? Will Fiona and Charlie and the bugs live happily ever after? Will Connor stop giving me heart attacks every time he sneaks into the girls locker room? Find out on this season of Degrassi!

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