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Degrassi Ep. 12: I work best shirtless

August 4th, 2011

Clare goes for round two, three and four with Jake, Alli and Dave rekindle their friendship and possibly more and Drew attempts to get back his old life. Find out what happened on last night’s episode of Degrassi!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Clare comes home to find Jake’s dad Glen working on their kitchen. And he’s not alone. Jake is there. With no shirt on. Um…what was I saying? I have no idea.

Clare fills Alli in on the nude resort going down in her kitchen, until Jake walks into class with Katie. Katie is writing an article on new students and she seems to be focusing on the really, really hot one. How convenient, Katie.

Clare complains to Alli about not being able to get Jake out off her mind. Alli thinks Jake is the perfect rebound, but Clare points out that with her ex writing a play painting her as a psycho path and her mom throwing Divorce parties, she’s not exactly in the mood to get involved in another relationship. Alli’s rebuttal? Clare can’t stop thinking about Jake. Good argument.

Clare comes home to find Jake…with his shirt on. Lame. Clare’s mom is going out with a friend and leaves money for Jake and Clare to get a pizza. Clare is freaking out and tries to get Alli to come over and distract her from Jake, but it looks like Clare’s on her own for this one. Jake comes into Clare’s room and talks to her about his parents divorce. It’s a nice talk, but all Clare can do is think about making out with Jake. And she does! Go Clare!

Clare finds Jake’s truck after school and as she’s leaving him a note she sees Eli and Imogen giggling. Rather than asking Jake to meet her to talk, Clare decides to try a new approach and just have fun instead of getting into a heavy relationship.

Katie finds Clare and starts asking her about Jake. Clare lies and tells Katie that he’s involved with someone, but then Katie drops the bomb that Jake is going to movie night with her. Oh snap.

Clare runs to get the note off Jake’s truck, but he’s already found it. Clare asks Jake if he’s going to movie night with Katie and he says yes, but that he still wants to hang out with Clare.

Jake admits that after his parents divorce he gave up on relationships and thought Clare would feel the same after her break up with Eli.

Clare and Jake start making out in the hallway! Wait, what?

Bah, only a dream. Clare wakes up and hears someone sneaking around her house and finds her mom getting home drunk at 4 am after a date. Yikes.

Upset, Clare calls Jake to talk about her mom dating. Jake explains that once he realized dating made his dad happy, he was okay with it. Clare decides to take the same approach with her life and do the casual thang with Jake. Starting…now!

Alli and Dave are working on a choosing a film for the first movie night back at Degrassi and had forgotten how much they like hanging out together. Alli invites Dave out for wings, but he needs to check with Sadie first.

Dave finds Sadie at The Dot and she wants to have a date night with him tomorrow, but instead Dave lies and says that he has to work with Adam.

Dave asks Adam to cover for him with Sadie and Adam points out that Dave used to have a crush on Alli. Dave maintains that they’re just friends, but then why did he lie to Sadie?

Alli and Dave are at The Dot having their non-date.

Marisol shows up and tells them that their secret is safe with her and Dave starts to get nervous and bails on their non-date.

It’s Drew’s first day back at school since being jumped by Vince’s gang a month ago. The police are watching the gang and Drew thinks it’s time that he move on. Still, he’s jumpy.

Drew finds KC and Marisol in gym class and Marisol instantly starts grilling Drew about getting jumped. Um, could you be more unhelpful? Seriously, button it. KC tries to offer Drew some help and Drew shoves him across the gym. He is soooo not fine. I mean, Drew’s fioone, but he’s not fine. Feel me?

Adam talks to Drew about hitting KC and screaming in his sleep and wants Drew to get help. Adam thinks that Drew has post-traumatic stress disorder and it looks like he’s right.

Drew shows up to the dodge ball tournament and asks if he can play on KC’s team and apologizes. Seems that all is forgiven.

That is until Dave’s dad shows up in his uniform and Drew grabs him and demands to know why he’s there.

The next morning Drew talks to his mom and tells her that he thinks there’s something wrong with him.

Drew thinks he’s going crazy and wants to move. His mom suggests that Drew get away from Degrassi for a while.

Will Drew leave Degrassi for good? Will Alli and Dave become more than friends? Will Clare and Jake be able to keep things casual? Find out on this season of Degrassi!

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