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Degrassi Ep. 13: Let’s all go to the movies

August 5th, 2011

It’s Movie Night and couples and swapping partners with their popcorn. Drew finds a way to get over his fear, Dave makes a choice between Alli and Sadie and Clare and Jake find casual harder than they thought. Find out what happened in last night’s Degrassi!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Since Drew can’t get over his fear of Vince and his gang coming after him, the Torres start to think about moving to Boston after Drew’s dad gets an offer there. Everyone is excited about the possible change, except for Adam. Adam doesn’t think that Drew is even trying to get better, but instead is just running away from his problems. Homeboy has a point and Drew knows it’s true.

Dave and Adam discuss their problems in the radio booth. Adam is upset about his family and Dave has realized that he does still have feelings for Alli (duh), but doesn’t want to break up with Sadie in case Alli doesn’t feel the same. Does anyone else get nervous that their mics could be on?

Drew talks to KC about the move and KC suggests Drew get something to distract him from being scared all the time…like a new girlfriend? Drew takes the hint and asks a girl named Jess to movie night.

Dave is walking down the hall with Sadie and bails on her to help Alli more with Movie Night. Sadie sees them hanging out and seems to fully get what’s happening, even if Dave thinks she doesn’t.

Clare tells Alli about her casual arrangement with Jake, just as Jake walks by and steals Clare away.

Jake wants to hang out that night, but Clare reminds him of his date with Katie. Jake decides to break his date with Katie AND tell Clare that he really, really likes their arrangement. Ugh, this dude is totally under the Edward spell.

While Clare is getting ready for Jake to come over she finds her parents divorce papers, which outline that the reason for the separation is because of Clare’s dads repeated adultery. Oh, that’s brutal.

Jake comes over, but with the blow Clare just received she tells Jake to call Katie. She needs a friend right now, not a casual make out sesh.

Clare shows up at Movie Night and Alli points out that Clare and Jake are not on their date. Instead, Clare wants Alli to set her up with a bunch of guys so she doesn’t get attached to just one. Clare sits with Liam, right by Jake, who is with Katie. Holy confusing.

Clare can’t stand watching Jake and Katie, so she goes into the hallway with Liam and tries to kiss him. Liam stops her. He sees the way Clare looked at Jake and bolts.

Jake comes into the hall to check on Clare. They go for a walk and Clare tells Jake what she found in the divorce papers. They decide to risk getting hurt and be together for realzies this time.

At movie night KC asks Dave about hanging out with Alli and Dave points out that KC is in the same situation with Marisol and Jenna. Not the exact same – KC has a baby with Jenna.

Sadie goes in to kiss Dave at movie night and he stops her and breaks up with her instead. She doesn’t take it well and throws popcorn at him in front of everyone. Ouch. What have we learned from this? Don’t break up with someone in a crowded room. During clean up Dave and Alli talk and it seems that Dave’s feelings for Alli are mutual. Whoop!

Drew’s date with Jess starts going well, until the lights go out and Drew sees a guy standing by the door in the dark with his hood up. Drew freaks out and follows the guy, but finds that it’s just a buddy from school and Owen.

The two students start fighting MMA styles in the gym. Excited, Drew asks if they’ll teach him how to fight. It seems like a date may not be the answer to Drew feeling safer.

When Jake and Clare get back to Clare’s house they’re in for a surprise. Jake’s dad Glen is there and it turns out that he’s the guy Clare’s mom is dating. I feel like awkward isn’t a strong enough word for this sitch.

At home Drew talks to his mom and tells her that he’s okay staying at Degrassi. He decides that it’s time to start his MMA training and it’s like Christmas in August. Another shirtless scene on Degrassi! Drew strips down and puts his fist through the wall. Um, good job?

Will Drew’s training make him feel safe? Will Alli and Dave become a couple? Will Clare and Jake tell their parents they’re dating? Find out this season on Degrassi!

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