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Degrassi Ep. 16: Hey Mama

August 10th, 2011

Jenna finds out that having it all has it’s price, Sav develops a new crush and gains a frenemy and Clare worries about Jake’s safety around Eli. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Sav and Chantay are working on a project together, but all Sav can focus on is Ms. Oh. We don’t blame him, but he does realize she’s a teacher, right?

As if reading his mind, Ms. Oh encourages Sav to try out for the position of Music Supervisor for Love Roulette. Sav is thrilled that he gets to spend some one on one time with Ms. Oh-Dang-She-Is-Pretty, but when he gets to their first meeting he realizes that he’s competing for the job against other students.

Momesh seems to be Sav’s biggest competition, but Sav pulls out every emo fibre in his being and writes an amazing score, scoring (haha) the position of Music Supervisor.

Ms. Oh suggests that Sav work with Mo, but Sav tells Mo that he works alone.

Alli tells Jenna that she should work with Sav on the score and Sav is super stoked.

Mo, who got the big NO from Sav, is not impressed to see his competitor working with someone else. When Sav forgets his iPod in the classroom Mo helps himself to it and then blackmails Sav with a song on the iPod that Sav clearly wrote for Ms. Oh.

Looks like Sav and Mo are going to work together after all. Seems like a bad start. But really, it seems right that EVERY aspect of this play is surrounded in drama.

There’s a familiar face back at Degrassi and someone who should be more happy about this is KC.

Jenna is intent on getting her old life back and that means returning to school. KC tells Marisol that they need to cool things if Jenna is going to be around more (srsly, how far have these two gone???).

Jenna’s excitement is quickly dashed when Principal Simpson tells her that it will be impossible to come back to school without any childcare. KC can’t stay home with Ty because Jenna is still breastfeeding, so it looks like Jenna is back to spending all day and night in her tiny apartment.

Thankfully one of the Guthrie’s is still supporting Jenna. KC’s mom comes home to find Jenna and the baby crying. Knowing what it’s like to be a teen mom, KC’s mom agrees to watch the baby in the mornings so that Jenna can at least go to school for half the day!

Ecstatic, Jenna shows up at Little Miss Steaks to surprise KC with the good news! She almost got a surprise seeing KC and Marisol together, but they seem to be bright enough to not flaunt their affair in public. KC agrees to help Jenna do whatever it takes to get her back at Degrassi.

On her first day back at school Jenna is thrilled.

That is, until she starts leaking in front of the entire class. It seems like there isn’t a place left for Jenna at Degrassi.

Alli, being a good friend (unlike KC), suggests that Jenna help Sav write the score for the school play.

Sav (again, unlike KC) is thrilled to see Jenna and desperately needs her help. Excited at the prospect on working on something that doesn’t include a diaper, Jenna gets carried away with a song idea at home and forgets that Ty is on the change table. He falls off, banging his head and scaring the beejebus out of me! Jenna rushes him to the hospital and KC shows up, screaming at her for being a bad mom.

When the doctor comes out with Ty the good news is that he’s fine. But because of the accident and their age the doctor is reporting Jenna and KC to Children’s Services.

Jake and Clare are still trying to figure out how the avoid the awkward conversation starting with “Hey mom and dad! You know how you’re dating each other? Us too!”. They should make cards for these occasions.
Clare invites Jake to hang out after school, but he’s busy building sets for Eli’s play. Red alert! Red alert! Clare hides her level of freaked out-ness, but she’s instantly in panic mode with worry over what Eli might do to Jake.

Clare talks to Adam about her concerns, but Adam tells her that Eli is doing well off his meds and to not worry.

Worrying anyways, Clare finds Eli and tells him to stay away from Jake and stop making her look awful in the play. Eli says he can’t stop the creativity from flowing in drama room and to not worry about Jake since Jake will be out of the picture soon enough. Cryptic much, Eli?

Clare and Adam sneak into the drama room later and try to find evidence that Eli is cray cray, but his bag is drama free. Still, I’m le nervous.

Will Eli sabotage Clare’s relationship with Eli? Will Jenna and KC lose custody of Ty? Will Sav be able to work with Mo? Find out this season on Degrassi!

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