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Degrassi Ep. 19: The Fighter

August 16th, 2011

Drew takes his interest in MMA to a dangerous level, Dave and Alli try to go public with their relationship and Fiona finds a way around illegally buying Holly J a kidney. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Drew isn’t sleeping and is instead staying up all night training because the weight room is closed. Drew complains to Adam about Katie writing the story and admits he was going to ask her out before he blew it by flipping over a chair. Adam tells Drew to fix himself before approaching Katie again, but Drew doesn’t think he’ll ever get better.

Still, Drew decides to give it a shot and brings Katie an apology coffee. Katie admits that she should have hid the details better in the article. Drew suggest he become the sports writer for Degrassi Daily and Katie agrees to letting him try out for the position.

Julian and Owen found a MMA club, but Drew can’t go with them after school because he has a meeting for the Degrassi Daily.

At the Degrassi Daily meeting Drew is almost comatose, that is until he wakes up from a nightmare that involves Vince and his gang beating him up. Drew takes off.

Drew finds Julian and Owen at the MMA club, which trust me, is not sponsored by Harley Davidson.

Julian and Owen are ready to take off, but instead Drew just takes off his shirt and jumps in the cage with a guys that’s got about ten years and 30 pounds on him. Drew gets put into a choke hold and passes out, but thankfully comes to quickly.

The next day Drew is back in the weight room prepping for his next fight. Julian tells Drew to not go back, but Drew isn’t listening.

Katie finds Drew and asks whether his piece for the Degrassi Daily is ready. Drew tells her that he can’t write it, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what she really wants to know.

Drew tells Katie what happened to him with Vince and that he still has nightmares. Then he kisses her. Drew thinks that Katie didn’t want him to kiss her and he takes off.

Drew goes back to the MMA club and demands a rematch with the guy that choked him out. Oh good. This should end well.

Katie somehow finds Drew at the fight and sees Drew continue to beat his opponent after the guy has tapped out. Katie and Julian run into the cage and Katie seems to be the only person that can calm him down.

The next day Katie and Drew find a very dramatically lit gym and practice Tae Kwon Do. So, no more fight club? YAY!

Alli waits by Dave’s locker to apologize for saying that the real Dave wouldn’t get past her parents. Alli wants the real Dave to come over and try meeting her parents again.

Alli talks to her parents about Dave and admits that he’s her boyfriend. Her parents are worried about Dave being a distraction for Alli and she tries to stress that it’s important that she’s being honest with them. The Bhandari’s agree to let Alli have Dave over again. SCORE!

Dave, not David, shows up in his baseball hat and it seems like the real Dave is doing okay with the Bhandari’s. Alli, Dave and Mr. Bhandari find that their common bond is playing poker.

Alli is excited about spending the summer with Dave now that they don’t have to sneak around.

Alli shares her good news with Clare in class rigggght before she gets news that she was accepted into a summer program…in Ottawa. Which is not where Dave lives.Oh no.

Holly J has another meeting with Dawn at The Dot. I feel like this place is jinxed for them, no? Holly J apologizes for yelling at Dawn and says she’s just going to wait for a kidney like other people. Dawn is still trying to figure out how to make the transplant happen. Holly J and Dawn bond over talking about prom.

Holly J shows Fiona a picture of Dawn in her wedding dress and Fiona gets an idea. Buy Dawn’s prom dress…for $20,000. Now where have I heard that number before?

Holly J asks Dawn if she’ll sell Fiona her prom dress for $20,000 and Dawn agrees. Maybe a shawl to go with it? Or a kidney?

At the hospital Holly J tells her mom about Dawn donating the kidney. Fiona shows up with her ‘new’ prom dress. All is well again.

Will Dawn make good on her word to give Holly J her kidney? Will Drew stay away from fight club? Will Alli and Dave make it through a summer apart? Find out on this season of Degrassi!

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