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Degrassi Ep. 22: An unlikely friendship

August 22nd, 2011

Alli has a new addiction and it’s not Dave, Bianca has two surprising new friends and Wesley worries that he’s losing Hanna. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Things are great with Dave and Alli, mostly because Alli still hasn’t dropped the bomb that she’s going away for the summer for a science program.

Alli’s new roomie Jenna is trying to convince Alli that she needs to tell Dave and soon. Alli realizes that she’ll have the house to herself that night and Jenna offers to study at The Dot to give Dave and Alli alone time. Alli invites Dave over for some ‘alone time’ for a ‘special night’. How special are we talking? Adam has a guess, but Dave thinks he’s crazy. Still, he’s excited…and nervous…and then I think terrified.

Adam takes one for the team and buys condoms for Dave. Dave’s been waiting for two years to be with Alli and wants everything to be perfect. Wow, no pressure. And I think he’s still terrified.

At dinner, Alli gets ready to tell Dave that she’s going away for the summer and he interrupts her by telling her that he’s ready for tonight and shows her the condoms. Sorry, shows her the year’s supply of condoms.

Totally peeved, Alli thinks Dave is just like every other guy and says that it’s probably a good thing she’s going away for the summer. Upset, Dave leaves before they can talk things over.

Alli talks to Adam and Jenna about Dave and Adam explains that Dave thought they were going to have sex and left because he was upset that Alli was leaving. The three play poker over lunch and Adam realizes that Alli is good at poker because she can count cards, which is both difficult and illegal. Alli decides to get Jenna and Adam to help her organize a poker tournament with a $10 buy in, which is also not allowed. Is old Alli back? I liked new Alli.

Alli cleans up at the poker tournament and her plan to make things up to Dave that night with tickets to the Raptors game and a new basketball jersey worked. Before Dave comes over Alli shows Jenna an ad for a poker tournament with strangers going on tomorrow and Jenna tries to talk her out of it. Alli seems to have become obsessed with poker and dreams about it. What???

Dave comes to the door and is ecstatic that Alli got him tickets and a brand new jersey. The two go out for dinner before the game and Alli tells Dave how she won the tickets.

Things are back to being great and Dave wants her to come over and meet his parents tomorrow. But Alli has her poker tournament. Oh lawd, please don’t mess this up, Alli!

The Rube Goldberg competition is coming up and Wesley and Hanna are going to work together…oh and Liam. Remember, the guy that Clare kissed at movie night? Ya, him. Looks like Hanna wouldn’t mind kissing him as well.

The three of them try to come up with a project idea and while Wesley already has a plan, his girlfriend Hanna sides with Liam. Ouch.

Liam and Hanna take the bus home together and Wesley tries to join them, but Hanna tells him not to worry about anything happening with her and Liam. Uncle Mike slash their science teacher drives Wesley home from school. Wesley gets an idea that if he gets his license he’ll look better than Liam and Hanna won’t be his bus buddy. Not the worst idea ever.

In class, Wesley is talking to Liam about taking the bus home with Hanna the night before. It seems they made a pit stop and got pizza together. Liam says that he likes Hanna and is going to ask her out, but Wesley tells him that they’re dating. Freaked out, Wesley lies and tells Hanna that he has his license. Roh row. Wesley practices driving with his uncle and apparently they think the crowded parking lot at school is the best place to start. It’s not. Wesley, Liam and Hanna are working on their project and Wesley offers to drive Hanna home to avoid having to watch her take the bus with Liam again. In case you’re just joining us, Wesley DOES NOT have his license.

Bianca shows up for gym class, but refuses to wear the appropriate clothes and has to work on an assignment instead of participating. Imogen fakes that she can’t participate either and tries to work with Bianca on the assignment after school. Is Imogen trying to be friends with Bianca? That wouldn’t be the weirdest combo EVAH. Oh wait, it would. Bianca says she can’t meet after school because she has a guy to meet and can’t get out of it and not just because Imogen is wearing cat ears, but because she can’t shake this dude.

After school Bianca gets in a car…with VINCE! OH FUZZ! Vince is making Bianca sell drugs for him, and possibly to do other things so that Vince won’t touch Drew. Now Vince wants her to start selling drugs at Degrassi. OH FUZZ AGAIN!

In gym class the next day Imogen is still on a mission to become friends with Bianca. Bianca says that she wish she had detention to avoid the ‘guy’, so Imogen pretends that they didn’t actually do their assignments and both girls end up with detention. Bianca is relieved.

In detention, Bianca tries to sell the weed to Imogen that Vince forced on her, but she doesn’t smoke. Imogen has to use the bathroom, so she asks Bianca to distract her with a story about the guy she’s avoiding. Bianca doesn’t tell her about Vince, but when Imogen leaves the room to go to the bathroom, Bianca steals a ton of cash from Imogen’s wallet to give to Vince. Anyone else shocked that Imogen carries that much cash and isn’t a drug dealer herself?

Will Imogen realize that Bianca stole from her? Will Wesley drive without his license just to keep Hanna? Will Alli lose Dave over her gambling addiction? Find out this season on Degrassi!

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