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Degrassi Ep. 23: Poker Face

August 23rd, 2011

Alli’s new obsession threatens to take everything she’s worked for, Bianca’s life of crime gets even more dangerous and Wesley’s plan to keep Hanna lands him with the cops. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Alli tells Jenna about the poker tournament and Jenna can’t figure out why Alli would work so hard to get Dave back and then blow off the dinner. Ya, me to. Alli asks Jenna to cover for her at the tournament with her parents and then walks off to find Dave and fake being sick.

Alli’s sick act works and Dave offers to postpone dinner. Ugh, he’s so nice. Alli, you is cray cray.

Alli shows up to the sketchiest poker tournament ever and takes her seat with the big boys.

The next day Alli tells Jenna that she won a ton of money at the tournament. Dave walks up to them and asks Alli how she liked the soup that he dropped off, which apparently Jenna forgot to tell her about. Oh snap. Dave realizes Alli was lying about being sick and Alli tells him that she was playing poker. She said that she did it for them, but Dave is upset.

Alli gets her scholarship money from the science program, which is $2,000. She’s excited, but wants to share it with Dave. Alli explains that she wants to win enough to have Dave come visit her during the summer. Dave gets excited that Alli won $300 and decides to be supportive of her gambling addiction. Yay?

At the poker game that night, Alli starts losing. Dave tries to get her to walk away, but she won’t.

They’ve been there all night and Alli is totally out of her money. But she still has her scholarship cheque and even though Dave is upset, she bets the whole thing.

Alli wins the game, but gets cocky and explains that she knew what card everyone was holding. The guys realize she was counting cards and start to attack Dave and Alli.

Right in the nick of time Dave’s dad bursts in with and breaks up the fight. Mr. Turner is not overly impressed that Dave’s girlfriend is an illegal gambler. No kidding.

Alli is waiting for Dave in the radio station since he won’t return her calls. He’s not allowed to see her anymore and when she tries to ask to meet his parents, Dave refuses. He doesn’t know who she is anymore and when she asks him if he’s breaking up with her, Dave tells Alli that they will see where they are when she gets back in two months. Crushing.

Hanna is going on and on to Liam about Wesley’s awesome driving. Liam comes up with the idea of Wesley driving the three of them to the science centre the next day to check out the Rube Goldberg exhibit to get ideas for their own project. Oh Wes, you is in troubs.

Wesley tries to back out of the exhibit, but Hanna really wants to go. Oh Wesley, this is a bad idea.

While they’re driving to the science centre a police car pulls up behind Wesley with the lights and sirens blaring. Liam tells Wesley to make a run for it. WHAT? Is there a dead body in the trunk that I’m not aware of? The officer tells Wesley that he was driving 20 km under the speed limit and that’s why she pulled them over. When she finds out he doesn’t have a license it’s game ovah.

Uncle Mike was able to smooth everything over with the police, but Wesley won’t be able to get his license for three years.

Hanna is super peeved that Wesley lied and Wesley tells Hanna it was because he was scared she would break up with him for Liam. Wesley finished the machine for the group in time and it’s pretty sweet. All forgiven?

The next day Liam, Hanna and Wesley find out that they get to go to the city championships. Does anyone else think it might be a bit unfair that Wesley’s teacher is also his uncle? Anywho, Hanna still hearts Wesley, so that’s good.

Vince gives Bianca more weed to sell at Degrassi and she tells him she won’t do it anymore. Vince chokes her and then slaps her and threatens Drew. Someone needs to give Bianca a hug. This is terrible.

Imogen finds Bianca at school at tells Bianca that she knows Bianca stole her birthday money. OH! Birthday money. That makes sense. Not a drug dealer. Bianca swears to pay Imogen back, but Imogen tells her to forget the money and her.

After school Bianca gets in Vince’s car and tells him that he can slap her, but she won’t sell his drugs at Degrassi. Vince apologizes and gives Bianca lingerie. Creepy. Vince thinks that Bianca is his girlfriend and wants to spend the summer with her. Bianca keeps up the charade, knowing it’ll keep her and Drew safe.

Bianca asks Imogen to meet her at The Dot. Bianca apologizes for stealing and tells Imogen that bad stuff is happening to her and that she doesn’t want Imogen to be around her and get mixed up in everything.

Bianca gives Imogen the gift she got from Vince to apologize. It’s sooooo weird, but I like these two as friends.

Will Alli and Dave make it through the summer apart? Will Bianca and Imogen stay friends? Will Wesley EVER get his license? Find out on this season of Degrassi!

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