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Degrassi Ep. 24: All is fair in love and war

August 24th, 2011

Marisol and Katie play dirty in the run for school president, Ms. Oh crosses a huge line and Eli tries to get apologize to everyone he hurt.

Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Marisol is helping Katie run for President and so far her suggestions are to wear a tighter shirt. Then she takes a crack at Mo, who is the only person running against Katie, because he’s fat. Nice. Drew waves at Katie and Marisol thinks it was intended for her. She’s psyched that Drew is flirting with her. Awkward. Guess Katie didn’t tell Marisol about her new boyfriend. Marisol even asks Katie to hook her up with Drew. Awwwwkward.

Drew has bought two tickets to a soccer game and wants it to be his first date with Katie. Katie is nervous because of Marisol still liking Drew, but Drew points out that it was one really bad date a long time ago. Marisol walks up and assumes that Katie was asking Drew if he likes Marisol. Katie says Drew likes someone else and I think it’s riiiight about there that Marisol figures out what’s really going on.

Simpson is announcing the schedule for Class President debates and Marisol decides that it’s time to run against her best friend. Dang.

Drew is helping Katie with her campaign and Katie seems to think she’s at fault for Marisol being upset with her. I think Marisol is overreacting a bit, but that’s just me. Katie tries to explain to Marisol and says she’ll do anything to get Marisol back. Marisol tells Katie to end things with Drew. Dang, this girl is harsh.
Drew finds Katie the next day and she tells him that they shouldn’t go out. Drew says that he can’t forget how much Katie helped him through all his anger.

Marisol is the first delegate to give her speech and thankfully doesn’t say anything about Katie.

But wait. Katie starts to give her speech and Marisol starts heckling her. Then she gets right up to the mic and says that Katie can’t be trusted.

Katie fires back saying that Marisol stole KC from Jenna and is a homewrecker. Oh snaps!

Katie tries to apologize to Marisol for the homewrecker comment. Marisol threatens to tell Drew about Katie’s ‘problem’. What is this problem and how can she be so mean?

Katie asks Drew why she likes him and he says that Katie saw him at his worst and stuck around. Marisol interrupts their kiss and apologizes for being rude to Katie and says that she hopes it doesn’t make her bulimia worse. I guess that’s the problem. Katie denies that she has an eating disorder and Drew tells her not to worry and that he would never believe she had any problems. I’m pretty sure she actually does have a problem and I don’t think Drew’s statement just made that any easier.

Ms. Oh finds Sav and gives him a mix CD that she made him. For his musical development. Not because she has a crush on him. Lies. If mix CDs aren’t code for ‘I heart you’ then I don’t know what is.

Sav finds Ms. Oh and tells her that he’s having issues with the bridge on one of his songs. She’s busy with marking, but tells him to come back the next day during lunch. The next day Ms. Oh and Sav are working on his song in the music room and she asks for his advice on a song. She starts singing and it’s all about finding a new guy that she can’t be with. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Ms. Oh runs out of the room after Sav says he liked the song, which seems to be about him.

Ms. Oh comes back into the room and apologizes for walking out. Sav admits that he’s a bit confused and Ms. Oh says that they shouldn’t spend time together outside of class. Ms. Oh admits that the songs is about Sav, but she says that she should have never had shared it with him because he’s her student. Sav takes off Ms. Oh’s glasses and kisses her! Holy crappers! I kept thinking this was a dream sequence, but it’s not!

Eli is watching a video of himself giving his monologue at the play and can’t believe how out of control he behaved.

He’s in his therapist’s office and doesn’t know how he can face all the people in school who he hurt. Eli has been diagnosed as bipolar and doesn’t think he should go back to school yet, but his therapist thinks he’s ready.

Bullfrog takes Eli to school and tells him that he has to check in with the nurse twice a day. Eli makes a list of people that he needs to apologize to, including Clare, Imogen and Jake.

Eli decides to start his apologies with Fiona and gives her an award for Best Supporting Actress. He tells Fiona that he’s bipolar and she accepts his apology.

In class Eli tries to run after Jake and apologize. Jake says that Eli tried to break up his relationship with Clare and that an apology isn’t gonna work. Eli snaps and slams his binder on the desk. Sad face.

Eli calls his therapist and tells her that if Jake doesn’t forgive Eli he can’t get better. His therapist tells him that he needs to move on and find positive activities. Eli is hanging out with Fiona trying to find a new activity and they overhear Jake and Clare fighting. Eli realizes that his new activity can be helping Jake understand Clare better.

Eli swindles his way into group work with Jake. Very clever.

Will Eli and Jake ever be friends? Will Ms. Oh and Sav go even further? Will Marisol ruin Katie’s relationship with Drew and her chance at being president? Find out this season on Degrassi!

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