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Degrassi Ep. 26: Wanna go to prom?

August 29th, 2011

Fiona reunites with Charlie only to have her demons creep up on her, Anya gets help from an unlikely source and Katie realizes that she’s not ready for the relationship Drew wants. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Fiona, Anya and Holly J are out shopping for prom dresses when they run into Charlie. Fiona wants to bail to avoid awkwardness, but Charlie sees her and yells hi. She invites the girls to her art show and Fiona seems to be thinking about going.

Anya got her acceptance to the army and is leaving for basic training in a few days. Excited, she shows Riley her paper work and Riley notices that there is a huge physical test required. Anya starts to worry that she won’t be able to keep up, so Riley tries to make her feel better by inviting Anya to prom.

Holly J is trying to talk to Fiona about prom details, but Fiona can’t stop talking about Charlie. Anya asks the girls if they mind whether Riley tags along on their girls night at prom and Holly J drops the bomb that Sav asked her to go to prom as well, leaving Fiona as the odd woman out.

Fiona asks Eli to be her friend date to prom, but Eli is already volunteering at the dance. Eli tells Fiona that there has to be someone she can ask, like Charlie.

Fiona hits up Charlie’s studio and apologizes for kicking Charlie out. Charlie tells Fiona that all is forgiven and that Fiona was the inspiration for her art show. Fiona finally musters up the courage to ask Charlie to prom and she says yes. Yay Fiona!

Fiona tells Holly J that she’s taking Charlie to the prom, but tells Holly J to not worry about her getting hurt because they’re going as friends. Still, Holly J is worried.

Fiona goes to Charlie’s art show and Charlie seems more excited than just a ‘friend’ to see Fiona there. Charlie shows Fiona a painting she did of Fiona and she’s blown away.

Fiona buys the painting and then Charlie introduces Fiona to her girlfriend…OH EM GEE. Fiona is crushed.

When no one is looking she grabs two bottles of alcohol from the bar. OH NO!

After being sober for three months Fiona hits the bottle and hard.

Anya hits the gym in an attempt to get ready for the army in four days. Owen sees her attempting a pull up and gives her some sass. Guess they’re not back together?

Frustrated, Anya asks Owen for help. She tells him that she’s going to the army and needs to be able to pass the test. Owen agrees to help her if she’s 100 per cent committed.

Owen and Anya are working out hardcore together and by the end of the day she can do 15 pull ups. Um, can Owen be my trainer? Anya tells Owen that she couldn’t leave with him hating her. She apologizes again for the drugs and says that she’s going to miss Owen.

He looks like he’s about to kiss her and she stops him so that she can change and show him her fatigues. Happy that the old Anya is back Owen kisses her and she doesn’t stop him. He asks her to prom and she says yes. Sorry Riley!

Drew isn’t talking to Katie after she accepted Marisol’s apology so quickly and Marisol suggests some one on one time. Drew apologizes for asking Katie to choose between him and Marisol and Katie invites Drew to prom.

Katie tells Marisol that she’s going to prom and thankfully Marisol is excited for her. Marisol asks Katie if she’s ready to have sex with Drew after the prom, since Drew took Bianca to the boiler room and will be expecting sex. Happiness gone, freaked out-ness here.

Katie has an idea and gives Drew a quiz that includes asking whether he’s been checked for STI’s and Drew says that he’ll get tested. I think Katie was hoping he’d refused to get tested and then she wouldn’t have to worry about sex. Plan backfire.

Will Katie have sex with Drew? Will Fiona be able to get sober again? Will Owen and Anya have a prom night to remember? Find out this week during the final episodes of Degrassi!

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