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Degrassi Ep. 27: Graduation Day

August 30th, 2011

Fiona faces the day after her drink, Riley faces his mom and Katie faces her fears with Drew. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

After falling off the wagon and letting Mr. Tuxedo Pants run away, Fiona is avoiding calls from Holly J.

Mrs. Coyne comes home and surprisingly doesn’t smell the alcohol on Fiona. Depressed and probably hung over, Fiona drags herself to school to watch all her friends graduate without her.

Before the ceremony starts, Riley asks Anya about her prom dress and Anya finally drops the bomb that Owen asked her to the prom.

Riley’s mom wants to meet his prom date, but Riley can’t pretend anymore that he’s straight. Riley’s mom seems to finally accept that her son is gay. Best grad present. Ever.

Zane sees Riley talking to his mom and yells hi. Could this mean that we may see one of our fave couples together again at prom? PLEASE SAY YES! Ziley FTW!

Holly J has been worried about Fiona since she wasn’t picking up her phone, but Holly J has good news. Her kidney transplant has been scheduled for the day of prom, but Fiona can’t stop feeling bad for herself because she had her heart broken, is dateless for prom and isn’t graduating with her friends. DUDE! Your friend isn’t going to die! Get happy!

Holly J is the 2011 valedictorian. Usually people that get into Yale are valedictorian’s. I’m not talking from personal experience, just assuming.

During Holly J’s speech, Fiona walks away before her best friend is finished speaking. Cold.

While everyone is graduating Fiona is paying some random dude to buy her booze. She runs into Charlie who starts asking Fiona about the contents of her paper bag.

Charlie makes Fiona give her the bottle and Fiona starts crying.

Holly J is leaving her and can’t be replaced. Fiona finally tells Charlie that she lost her cat and Charlie explodes at Fiona, telling her that she’s alone because she pushes people away and someday will have no one left to push. Harsh, but I’d be pretty mad if my cat was gone too. Especially a fancy one, like Mr. Tuxedo Pants.

Fiona shows up at the hospital and finds Holly J getting dialysis and crying.

She’s upset that she’s missing prom for surgery and couldn’t talk to her best friend.

To make things up to her, Fiona has planned a pre-prom for Holly J. Now Imma gonna cry.

Holly J, Anya, Chantay and Fiona show up at Degrassi for their pre-prom and find some wet pavement to make their mark on.

The girls start sharing their fears and Fiona admits that she drank last night. What could be a very tense moment is made hilarious when Fiona shares that she lost a cat that’s named Mr. Tuxedo Pants. I guess ‘Kitty’ was taken.

Fiona apologizes to Charlie and finds out that Mr. Tuxedo Pants made his way home. Fiona tells Charlie that she’s checking into rehab that night.

Katie is getting progressively freaked out about having sex with Drew and right on cue Drew walks into the room to tell Katie he passed his STI test. Drew invites Katie over for to watch a movie later. Are they gonna watch a movie or, you know, watch a movie? Katie has another plan. Oh lawd.

Katie is super nervous at Drew’s house and Marisol shows up because ‘she locked herself out’. This plan can’t go on forever.

Fed up, Drew finally kicks Marisol out. More freaked out than ever, Katie finally comes clean and tells Drew that she’s not ready to have sex.

Drew admits that he invited Katie over not to have sex, but to meet his mom. I think meeting Mrs. Torres may be scarier than sex, but that’s just me.

Drew and Katie are hanging out at The Dot the next day when Katie grabs a drink and Drew gets a call from Bianca. Um, does this happen a lot? Weird!

Why is Bianca calling Drew? Will we ever see any of our Degrassi grads again? Will Ziley make an appearance at prom? Find out on the final two episodes of the summer season of Degrassi!

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