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Degrassi Ep. 28: You can’t escape your past

August 31st, 2011

Clare and Jake come clean to their parents after a bomb is dropped, Sav makes a plan to take things to the next step with Ms. Oh and Drew confronts Bianca and Vince. Find out what happened on Part 1 of the Summer Season of Degrassi finale after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

Drew and Adam are volunteering to help with grade nine orientation. Before they get into the school Adam spots Bianca, who is hanging out with Vince.

Guess her secret is out.

Drew asks Katie to pair him with Bianca during orientation so that Drew can figure out why Bianca is hanging out with Vince.

Drew tries talking to Bianca and confronts her about hanging out with Vince.

Bianca tells him to drop the subject and proceeds to yell at niners. While she’s busy with the students, Drew sneaks a peek at her phone.

Drew tells Adam that he found messages from Vince on Bianca’s phone that make it look like she and Vince are dating. Adam tells Drew to forget the whole thing, but Drew says that if Vince comes after him he’s ready to fight.

Drew confronts Bianca about dating Vince and she tells him that she’s doing it to save his life. Drew was the one good thing in her life and she’ll do anything to keep him from getting hurt. She tells Drew that the reason she volunteered for orientation was the stay away from Vince. She shows him bruises on her arm that Vince gave her and tells Drew to stay away.

Upset, Drew takes his anger out on the punching bag in the gym and Katie finds him there. Drew tells Katie that Bianca needs a favour and Katie asks him to not fight anymore.

Drew gives Bianca a ticket to prom and a seat at his table so that she can avoid Vince that night. He puts the ticket in her purse for her and then texts Vince from Bianca’s phone asking him to meet up after school is done.

Drew finds Vince at The Dot and the two have a talk. Drew tells Vince that their debt has been paid and that if he doesn’t leave Drew and Bianca alone he’ll be sorry.

Vince seems to actually be considering Drew’s offer, but then Drew gets a call from Bianca and tells her that he’ll see her at the prom that night. This seems to anger Vince. I don’t think this is over. Oh no.

Sav tells Mo that Ms. Oh gave him her phone number and what better time to use it than prom?

Sav stops by the music room to talk to Ms. Oh and remind her that he’s not her student anymore. Ms. Oh will be gone for six weeks and when she gets back Sav will have left for University. Prom seems to be their only chance at a first date. Ms. Oh doesn’t seem to like the idea. Buzzkill.

Sav and Anya show up at the hospital to see how Holly J is doing after surger…and to ask her for help with prom.

Haha, nice. Holly J helps with the seating chart and Riley and Zane are now sitting together. Heck yes Ziley!

Sav tells Mo that he and Ms. Oh are out of hook up options. Mo encourages Sav to use his man-beard and find a way to get together with his ex-teacher.

Jake comes out in his ‘prom’ outfit which looks a little more like a ‘porn’ outfit. Clare and Jake are still trying to figure out how to tell their parents the two are dating. Mrs. Edwards walks in and asks Jake and Clare to have dinner with her and Glen (Jake’s dad) that night.

Jake tries to get his dad to reschedule the dinner so that he and Clare can take pics before prom with their friends. Glen says that they can’t skip the dinner because he and Mrs. Edwards want to tell the kids they’re getting married…making Jake and Clare brother and sister. OH MAMA NO!

Jake and Clare are having the worlds most awkward dinner with their parents and finally the bomb is dropped that the parents are getting married. Jake pretends to be excited, but Clare can’t muster up an Oscar-worthy performance.

Clare tells everyone that she and Jake are dating and Mrs. Edwards tells Clare they need to end things.

Clare runs out and tells Jake that she needs time and will meet him at prom.

Will Clare and Jake stay together if they become step-siblings? Will Vince finally get his revenge on Drew? Will Sav and Ms. Oh get their time alone? Find out on the summer finale of Degrassi tomorrow at 9 pm ET!

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