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Degrassi Ep. 29: Bloodshed on Prom Night

September 1st, 2011

It’s prom night and like most school dances at Degrassi not everyone is walking home unharmed. Vince is back and wants revenge, but will his shots land on the right person? Find out what happened on tonight’s Summer Season Finale of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch the most recent episode and click here to read the last recap.

After Clare dropped the bomb that she and Jake are dating she stormed out of the house and walked to the prom. Jake and his dad are talking before prom and Glen is worried about what will happen if Clare and Jake break up and are living together. No shiz.

Clare shows up in non-prom attire and confronts Jake about the divorce.

She wants to break their parents up, but Jake refuses and says he wants his dad to be happy. Then…he ends things with Clare. No more Cake? What? But? I just? Oh tear.

It turns out that Drew didn’t tell Adam or Katie that he had invited Bianca. Oops. Katie is hella mad so Drew explains that Bianca was dating Vince to protect Drew. They still don’t seem to care, so Drew tries telling them that Bianca doesn’t have anyone looking out for her. Katie is still hella mad.

Drew tries to get a conversation started between Katie and Bianca, but things are pretty uncomfortable. When Katie notices Bianca’s bruises, Katie lets it spill that Drew told her about Vince. Bianca is okay with that and is just happy to be around normal people.

Oh look! A table of people actually having fun at prom! Even though Holly J can’t be there in person she is at the prom in Skype format. Sav uses this as his chance to slip away from the table to tell Ms. Oh he ‘forgot’ the prom king and queen crowns at Degrassi and needs to go back to the school with her to get them.

Riley finally talks to Zane and tells him that he told him mom he’s gay and is going to tell his dad. Zane tells Riley that he accepted his offer to Eastern, meaning they’re going to the same University. The SAME UNIVERSITY! ZIILLLEEEYYY! The seating plan totally worked.

Drew asks Katie to dance and Adam, who’s working their table as a server, dances with Bianca. Aw B, you’ve changed. Bianca apologizes for everything she put Adam through and Katie sees that Bianca is trying to be their friends and has really changed.

Bianca thanks Drew for inviting her to the prom and right about then Vince walks in and sees them together.

Bianca says she’ll handle things and Drew goes after her, but Katie stops him. That is until he sees Vince grab Bianca.

Drew and Vince fight and Drew’s training has definitely paid off.

But it can’t protect him from Vince’s gunshots.

Instead of Drew hit by gunfire it’s Adam. The bullet hits Adam in the shoulder, sending the room in panic mode.

Bianca picks up Vince’s gun that he left on the floor and runs off to find Vince and end things for good.

The paramedics tell Drew that Adam will be okay and Drew asks Clare and Eli to ride with Adam to the hospital.

Katie refuses to let Drew go after Bianca without him and the two run off to find Bianca and Vince.

Back at school Sav’s plan with Ms. Oh is working. When she walks into the music room Sav turns on the light display he set up for him. Dang, that is smooth. Must be the beard. Kiss number two, three, etc. happen.

Everything is going perfectly until Sav and Ms. Oh get a call about shooting.

Panicked, they both run back to the banquet hall and Ms. Oh, upset with herself for leaving, tells Sav that things between them should have never happened. Ouch.

Drew and Katie find Bianca, who is waiting with the gun outside of Vince’s safe house. Drew tries to talk her out of using the gun and ruining her life, but she can’t see a way out. She knows enough about Vince and his gang to put them in jail, but she’s worried the police will lock her up for all the things Vince made her do for him.

Finally, Drew is able to get Bianca to change her mind and she hands him the gun and agrees to call the police.

The police arrive and take Vince away in cuffs, leaving Drew and Bianca finally feeling safe after months of living in constant fear.

Eli and Clare are at the hospital with Adam when Mrs. Torres arrives. Adam will be okay and Eli and Clare take this time to give us an OMIGAWD ECLARE moment. Obviously upset, Eli asks Clare whether she’s okay. She tells him that Jake is going to be her brother and that they broke up. And then they have a moment like only Eclare can. Will our favourite couple get back together? If Santa has been reading all my letters and decides to give me the early present I asked for, then yes.

Drew, Bianca and Katie get to the hospital and Mrs. Torres is her usual sunny self and upset that Bianca is there as well. Drew sticks up for Bianca and it seems like Mrs. Torres is finally coming around. And I mean finally.

The next day Sav and Alli stop by the school to say goodbye to Ms. Oh. Sav says his final good bye to Degrassi, but if Santa is extra-extra nice this won’t be the last time we see Savtaj Bhandari.

We are officially half way through Season 11 of Degrassi. Cake is no more, Bianca and Katie are friends, Jenna and KC gave Ty up for adoption, Fiona is going to rehab, Wesley and Hanna are together, Connor is getting treatment, Jake is off to a cabin, Anya is going to the army, Holly J has a new kidney, Clare has a new brother, Alli and Dave are no longer Dalli, Owen went a whole half season without beating anyone up, Adam got shot, Marisol got her best friend back, Riley and Zane are off to the same University, Sav and Ms. Oh didn’t go to jail or get fired and Imogen still wears cat ears. Oh Degrassi, I heart you big time.

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