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Degrassi Ep. 32: Underneath It All. Pt. 1

February 24th, 2012

It’s a new school year at Degrassi, but that doesn’t mean that all of last year’s problems vanished over the summer. Clare and Jake take their relationship to the next level, Fiona tries to make a fresh start with the new seniors and niners Maya and Zig look like they make be the new Cake! Find out what happened on Underneath It All Part 1 after the jump!

Jake and Clare are going strong with their step-brother and sister make out sessions. I know they’re not related, but it’s still a bit odd.

Clare is still refusing to speak with Alli after she kissed Jake, making Jake her new bestie. If she forgave Jake then shouldn’t she also forgive Alli?

Drew and Owen joke Clare and Jake living together, automatically assuming they are having sex.

When the guys clear out, Clare suggests that she and Jake talk updating about their sex status. WOW. Just WOW.

Clare and Jake are hanging out at home…where they both live…weird…and Jake wants to talk about sex with Clare.

After her parents got divorced, Clare decided that she didn’t need to wait for marriage anymore to have sex. Clare wants to make sure they’re prepared and that means taking a quiz out of a magazine. The questions include whether or not Jake considers Clare his soul mate and how Jake envisions their first time together. Intense, y’all.

Jake thinks Clare just needs to feel ready and not worry about a quiz. Upset that he won’t take her seriously, Clare tells Jake she’s not ready and storms out.

Katie’s little sister Maya wanted to go to an art school, but Katie wanted her to school at Degrassi.

Still, Maya tries to make the best of her bright yellow situation. While trying to find the music room, Maya runs into another grade nine student. Zig asks Maya to pretend that she’s his girlfriend in an attempt to hide from some other girls.

Anyone notice the death stares penetrating from these pupil’s pupils? What up wit dat? To thank her for helping him, Zig invites Maya to check out The Dot after school. Go Maya! Good first day!

Maya finally finds the music classroom and Ms. Oh tells the class that she’s an award winning musician. Oh really? Fanc-cee!

Maya meets Tristan and Tori who quickly tell her to stay far, far away from Zig Novak. One far is bad, but two fars? What’s up with this Zig character?

Katie finds Maya in the hallway looking up Zig Novak on Face Range. Katie thinks Tristan and Tori are just jealous and points out that everyone told her to stay away from Drew. Maya meets Zig at The Dot and shares the fact that she knows Tori and Tristan and that they hate his guts. Weird opener. But I guess when everyone who knows Zig hates him it does send up a bit of a red flag.

Zig promises to explain why everyone from his junior high unfriended him on FaceRange.

Fiona is worried about not knowing anyone, but rehab gave her the confidence she needs to make new friends. Imogen tries to make Fiona her new bff, but Fiona has her eyes set on less eccentric friends. Like Marisol.

Fiona is getting along with Marisol and Katie and asks them to hang out at her loft after school.

The small get together includes a caterer, DJ and an open guest list. Most people calls these weddings.

Eli and Imogen walk through the hall with Fiona and Eli tries to get Imogen an invite to the party. Put on the spot, Fiona agrees. Imogen is ecstatic since most of the girls at school don’t treat her well. Fiona can relate and decides to give Imogen and her friendship a chance.

The three girls are working on a guest list and Fiona tries to add Imogen to the invite list. To her own party. Wha? Marisol and Katie are throwing insults at Imogen and Fiona does her best to stay neutral.

Imogen shows up to the party ready for the circus. Like, a high end couture circus, but still.

Fiona suggests that Imogen try one of her dresses instead. Imogen knows that Fiona is trying to change her so that she’s not embarrassing. Imogen says she doesn’t care what people think, but Fiona tells her that if she does start to care then the two of them can have a lot of fun this year.

Fiona’s party is bumpin’ and Katie and Marisol want to make her the chair of the social committee. Imogen walks in the party and gets everyone’s attention.

Still, Marisol has her mean girl claws out. Fiona suggests they play truth or dare to liven the mood.

Truth or dare in a room full of 30 people is hella weird. Fiona picks dare and Owen tells her to chug tequila. Imogen defends Fiona’s choice to not drink and tells everyone that Fiona is an alcoholic.

Upset, Fiona calls her a liar. Finally, Fiona’s able to move the focus off herself and the group agrees to pull a senior prank using Katie’s key to the school.

Their prank includes covering the entire cafeteria in tin foil.

Imogen wants to explore the school at night and Marisol agrees to go with her. This makes me nervous.

Owen and Drew run into the cafeteria and tell everyone that the cleaning staff is coming. Marisol hears them and runs back, but Imogen skipped off on her own. Fiona wants to go after her, but instead leaves with the group. I feel sooooo bad for Imogen!

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